Saving Your PSOne Classic and PS2 Games on Your PS3

The PS3 with a controller and some games.
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If you've downloaded a PSOne classic to your PS3 this may help. Whether it's "Final Fantasy VII," "Castlevania: Symphony of the Night," or any of the other great PSOne games available for download, eventually you'll want to save your game.

The original PSOne and PS2 required memory cards to save games on. The PS3 has no memory cards; it utilizes a hard drive. PSOne classic and PS2 games still ask for a memory card to save files on, even when you are playing them on your PS3. So, how do you use a memory card game save file on your PS3?

Create an Internal (Virtual) PSOne or PS2 Memory Card

  1. Exit any game or video you might be playing, and navigate to the "Game" menu on your XMB (XrossMediaBar). If you haven't changed your theme, it should be indicated by a silhouette of a PlayStation DualShock 3 controller.

  2. Select the "Memory Card Utility (PS/PS2)" from the "Game" menu. To get here press up or down on the directional pad on your PlayStation DualShock 3 controller. Once it is highlighted press the cross (X) button.

  3. Select the "Create New Internal Memory Card" option. Press cross (X) on the PlayStation controller to select it.

  4. Choose the appropriate memory card for the game you want to play, either "Internal Memory Card (PS2)" for a PlayStation 2 game or "Internal Memory Card (PS)" for a PSOne Classic game. Again, press cross (X) to select it. Time permitting, you may as well make one of each, so you don't have to repeat the process later.

    Like the original physical memory cards, you can use one Internal (virtual) Memory Card for multiple game saves. So you should start by only creating one card for each system, even if you intend to play more than one game.

  5. Enter a name using the directional pad for your PlayStation Internal (virtual) Memory Card. Use the cross button (X) to select OK when finished. We suggest naming them something obvious, such as "PS1 Memory" or "PS2 Game Saves."

  6. Assign the memory card to a slot. To do so, select the memory card you just created then press the triangle button. Select "Assign Slots" by pressing the cross (X) button. Then choose slot 1 or 2 by using the cross (X) button again.

    Generally, it's best to assign a card to slot one. The two (virtual) slots represent the physical slots on the original PSOne and PS2 systems where you would insert a memory card.

    Also, you can assign a slot during a game by pressing the PS button while playing then selecting "Assign Slots"

  7. You are now ready to start saving PSOne Classic and PS2 games. The method of saving will vary by game, but now you have a place to store those game saves, your newly created PlayStation Internal (virtual) Memory Card. Happy classic PlayStation gaming!

A Final Suggestion

Remember, if you have any problems saving your game in a PSOne Classic Game or a PS2 game, or you get the message "No Memory Card in Slot 1" you can press the "PS" button and re-assign a memory card to a slot one.