How to Save Text Messages on iPhone

Save entire text conversations on your phone

What to Know

  • Only options available: copy and past it into a note, forward the thread to another number, or screenshot it.
  • To copy and paste or forward the messages, tap and hold one message in the string until the menu appears, then select More and select the messages you want to save.
  • To screenshot: Start at beginning and screenshot the screen by selecting the Home and Volume Up buttons, then scroll down and repeat the process until entire thread is captured.

This article provides instructions for how to save text messages on an iPhone running iOS 14 or higher, including how to save individual messages as well as whole conversations.

Is There a Way to Save Text Messages on iPhone?

Strictly speaking, there is no way to select a message or group of messages and then select save on the iPhone. You can, however, save text messages, you just have to use a workaround.

One way to save messages on iPhone is to create screenshots of them. This method is useful if you want to save the timestamps and layout of the messages.

To take screenshots your messages, open up the thread you wish you capture. Then press the Volume up and Home buttons on your phone simultaneously. This will take a screenshot of the messages shown on the screen.

You may have to scroll and take multiple screenshots if you want to save an entire conversation. If you're trying to save long messages or threads, this may not be the best option unless you need to have the timestamps attached.

How Do I Save an Entire Text Conversation on My iPhone?

If you want to save an entire conversation, and you don't need to have the timestamps included, then a second way you can save texts and entire text conversations is to forward them to yourself or another phone number. Here's what to do.

  1. Open the message thread on your iPhone and then tap and hold one of the messages in the thread.

  2. When the message wiggles, release it and a menu will appear. Tap More.

    Screenshots illustrating how to get to the More menu in iPhone messages.
  3. Select the messages you want to save by tapping them, and then tap the arrow in the bottom right corner.

  4. A new message opens with the selected messages included in the body of the message. Add your recipient and tap the Send button.

    Screenshots illustrating how to forward messages from a thread to another recipient.

You can use this same method to copy and paste the messages into a note on your iPhone. Just, instead of adding a recipient and forwarding the message, once the new message with your forwarded texts appears, copy the entire text block and then open your notes application and paste it into a new document.

Again, this method won't save the timestamps or formatting on the messages, but it is one way to ensure you get to keep body of the texts.

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