How to Save or Share Music from Instagram Reels

How to use the Saved Audio feature to save, share, and add music on IG

What to Know

  • Tap the name of the audio track under the creator's name, then tap Save Audio.
  • Tap Share (the paper airplane) to send audio in a message. To share in an app, tap the three dots > Copy Link.
  • To use saved audio, tap Add (+) > Reel > Music Note > Saved and choose the audio you want to add.

This article explains how to save music on Instagram, how to share music from Instagram Reels, and how to add music to your own Instagram Reels. The instructions apply to the Instagram app for iOS and Android.

How to Save Songs on Instagram

Follow these steps to save music from an Instagram Reel:

  1. Open the Instagram Reel and tap the name of the audio track under the creator's name.

  2. You'll see all the Reels that use the same audio. Tap Save Audio.

    Reels icon, Audio track in Instagram Reel, and Save Audio in Instagram app

The audio isn't saved to your device; it's only saved on the app.

There's no option to save audio from Instagram Reels on

How to Share Music on Instagram

After saving an audio track, you can share it in a direct message or in another app.

  1. To send the audio in a direct message, tap Share (the paper airplane), then tap Send next to the person you want to share it with.

    Share icon and Send highlighted in Instagram app
  2. To share the audio in another app, tap the three dots, then tap Copy Link and paste it into the other app.

    Three dot menu and Copy link highlighted in Instagram app

How to Add Saved Music to Your Instagram Reels

Once you've saved an audio track, you can use it in your own Instagram Reel.

  1. Tap Add (+) > Reel.

  2. Tap the Music Note.

  3. Tap Saved.

    Add (plus), Reel, music note and Saved highlighted in Instagram app
  4. Tap the audio you want to add. Tap Play to listen before you choose.

  5. Use the slider to choose, then tap Done.

    Play button and Done in Instagram Reels
  • How long can an Instagram reel be?

    Reels can be up to 30 seconds long, but you can compile multiple shorter clips into a single reel. You can also use videos from your device in reels, but you'll still have the 30-second limit.

  • How do I share a reel on Instagram?

    You can share reels two ways. To add one to your story or share it with a friend on Instagram, tap the Send (paper airplane) icon on the reel, and then choose Add reel to your story or the people you want to send it to. To share a reel with someone outside of Instagram, tap the More (three dots) icon on the screen, and then select Share to; you can share the link via text, email, or other social platforms.

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