How to Save Passwords on an iPad

Automatically fill in strong passwords on your iPad

What to Know

  • Tap a password text field in an app or webpage to open the iPad keyboard.
  • A prompt will appear with an automatically generated password.
  • Tap Use Strong Password to select and save it or Choose My Own Password to create and save a custom one.

The iPad can generate and save strong passwords to a cloud service called Keychain. This tutorial will teach you how to save passwords on an iPad and how to turn on Keychain if it's off.

How to Save Passwords on an iPad

Your iPad will automatically generate passwords on web pages and in apps when it detects you've selected a password field. It will also prompt you to fill in these fields if it detects a password is already available.

Follow these steps to save passwords on an iPad.

  1. Tap the password text field in the web page or app in which you'd like to save or fill in a password. The iPad keyboard will appear.

  2. A password option will appear if a password is already detected for the app. Tap it to place the password in the text field and then log in as usual.

    If successful, you're finished. The following steps only apply if the password didn't appear or you need to save a new password.

    The Hulu account creation screen
  3. If a new password is needed, your iPad will generate one automatically. Tap Use Strong Password to use the recommended password. Select Choose My Own Password to create your own.

    Using your own password is less secure than using an automatically generated password. Saving passwords to your iPad means you don't need to remember each password.

    The iPad Create Strong Password prompt
  4. If the iPad keyboard appears, but no password prompt is displayed, tap the Keychain icon. It's represented by a small, black key.

    Keychain icon highlighted on an iPad keyboard
  5. A Keychain menu will appear with a list of saved passwords. Tapping a password will place it in the password text field.

    A list of saved passwords available on an iPad
  6. Still need a new saved password?

    With the Keychain menu open, tap iCloud Keychain from the list. Then select, in the next menu, tap Add New Password.

    The Apple iPad password management menu

The passwords generated by your iPad are saved once you select Use Strong Password. You can view saved passwords by opening the Settings app and selecting Passwords.

How to Turn On Saved Passwords on an iPad

Not seeing the prompt to save passwords or the Keychain icon? It's likely the Keychain service is off. Follow the steps below to turn on saved passwords on your iPad.

  1. Open the Settings app.

  2. Scroll down the Settings menu and tap Passwords.

    The iPad Settings menu with Passwords highlighted
  3. Select AutoFill Passwords.

    The iPad Passwords menu with Autofill Passwords highlighted
  4. Tap the AutoFill Passwords toggle to turn the feature on.

    The iPad AutoFill Passwords menu

Can I Use a Third-Party Password Manager?

Apple Keychain is not the only way to save passwords on an iPad.

The iPadOS 15 update added support for third-party password managers like 1Password, LastPass, and mSecure. You can download third-party password managers from the App Store.

Once installed, your iPad will include passwords from the third-party password manager in prompts.

  • Can an iPad automatically fill in strong passwords?

    An iPad can generate, save, and fill in strong passwords. This feature is available with Apple Keychain or a third-party password manager. Follow the steps above to turn on saved passwords.

  • How do I retrieve saved passwords on an iPad?

    If you use a third-party password manager app, you can pull up any credentials you've saved from the app itself. For iCloud Keychain passwords, go to Settings > Passwords > Website & App Passwords. A list of the accounts you've saved to the Keychain will appear on the next screen; tap one to see its password.

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