How to Save Money in iTunes: The 'Complete My Album' Option

Get discounts in the iTunes Store by completing your albums

  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Time Required: 5 minutes max. per album

Why Use The 'Complete My Album' Option in iTunes?

Buying an album can sometimes be an afterthought when you have already purchased a few songs by the same artist. If you already have songs in your iTunes library that partially make up an artists' music album, then you don't have to buy the whole thing on the iTunes Store to complete the collection.

There's an option called, Complete My Album, in iTunes which could potentially save you a lot of money when completing multiple albums.

This handy feature (which is often overlooked), can be used to purchase the remaining tracks in an album rather than having to buy the complete collection again at a higher overall cost. As well as saving time on manually cherry picking tracks in order to complete your chosen album, the price is reduced to reflect how many songs are remaining. Compared to purchasing the whole album at normal retail price, this option usually works out cheaper with the discount that is applied.

Keep in mind however that not all albums are offered in this way. You may also find that this method is not always as cost-effective as purchasing individual songs to complete an album. So, it's still best to compare both methods to get the best deal.

How to Use the 'Complete My Album' Feature

To see how to use the 'Complete My Album' feature, run the iTunes program and follow the steps below.
  1. If you're not already signed into your Apple account, click on iTunes Store (under STORE section) in the left pane. Click Sign In and type in your Apple ID and password. Click the Sign In button.
  1. Look at the QuickLinks menu on the main iTunes Store page and click on the Complete My Album option.
  2. If you have albums that can be completed with this method, you'll see them displayed on the screen. To choose one, click on it to see details on your chosen album and which tracks you have already purchased (these are greyed out).
  1. On the left-hand side of this screen you'll notice how much it will cost to complete the album. There will also be the full retail cost underneath this (in brackets) which shows you how much it would normally be if buying the whole thing.
  2. To purchase the album at this adjusted price, simply click on the Buy Album button.
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