How to Save a Message as a Template in Mozilla Thunderbird

Send email faster with Mozilla Thunderbird message templates

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If you write similar emails over and over again, save time by saving a message as a template in Mozilla Thunderbird. That way, you can reuse the template and add new information without having to retype anything.

Instructions in this article apply to the desktop version of Mozilla Thunderbird.

How to Save a Message Template in Thunderbird

To save a message as a template in Mozilla Thunderbird:

  1. Select Write > Message to open a new message window.

    Message menu item in Thunderbird
  2. Compose the template message, then select File > Save as > Template.

    Template menu item in Thunderbird
  3. Go to the Folder pane and select Templates to view the saved message.

    Templates in left pane of Thunderbird
  4. Select the template to open a copy of the template message, then modify the message and send it.

    The original message in the Templates folder is not affected.

    Templated email message in Thunderbird
  5. Return to the Templates folder whenever you need to compose a similar email.

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