How to Save a Google Spreadsheet to Desktop

Use the Download option in the File menu to use Google Sheets offline

What to Know

  • Select File > Download followed by the file type of choice. Then select a save location.
  • You can also download multiple Google Sheets spreadsheets at once from Google Drive.

This article explains how to download Google spreadsheets from Google Sheets in a few different ways.

How to Save a Google Sheet to Your Desktop

Each Google Sheet has the option to download the spreadsheet in a range of different file formats. Here's how to do it.

  1. Select or create the spreadsheet you want to download. Google offers a range of templates at the top of the screen you can use or practice with if you don't want to use a spreadsheet while you learn how this works.

    Selecting a Google Sheet spreadsheet.
  2. With your spreadsheet open, select File in the top menu.

    Sample Google Sheets spreadsheet.
  3. Select Download from the drop-down menu.

    Selecting from the File menu in Google Sheets.
  4. Select the file type Google Sheet will use when saving the file.

    Selecting the file type to download the Google Sheet in.
  5. Select a save location for the spreadsheet, then select Save.

    Selecting a save location for a downloaded Google Sheet.

How to Download Multiple Google Sheets at Once

You don't need to download every Google Sheet spreadsheet individually. You can also download more than one at a time, and even download every Google Sheet spreadsheet you've ever opened.

  1. Select the List view icon in the top right-corner if it isn't already in List mode.

    Google drive homepage in list view.
  2. Hold the control key on your keyboard, and select multiple Google Sheets you want to download.

    Selecting multiple Google Sheets to download.
  3. Right-click or tap and hold on one of the spreadsheets. Then select Download.

    Downloading multiple spreadsheets from Google Drive.
  4. Google Drive will take a minute or two to Zip up your Google Sheets spreadsheets. When prompted, select a download location for the Zip file, and select Save.

    Saving a Google Sheets Zip file to the desktop.
  • Can I still edit a Google Spreadsheet that's been saved to the desktop?

    Any Google Spreadsheets you've downloaded can be opened and edited on your device using compatible software (unless it's password protected). You can open the spreadsheet from inside the app (i.e. Excel, Numbers, etc), or open the file directly by double-clicking on it.

  • How do I make a Google Spreadsheet shortcut icon on my desktop?

    With Google Sheets open, open the More menu (the three vertical dots icon) > More Tools > Create Shortcut. Then select Create from the pop-up window to save the new shortcut to your desktop.

  • How can I add Google Spreadsheets to my iPhone's Home screen?

    Open a spreadsheet on either the Google Drive or Google Sheets app. Once open, select the three dots icon > New Shortcut > name the shortcut and choose the icon > select Done.

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