How to Save a Chat Transcript in AIM Mail or AOL Mail

Emails are woefully persistent, and instant messaging sessions wonderfully transient. Emails are wonderfully dependable, and instant messaging sessions woefully fleeting.

Fortunately, emails are canned quickly; chats in AIM Mail and AOL Mail saved swiftly.

You can, of course, move these chat transcripts to any folder, forward them or reply by email.

Save a Chat Transcript in AIM Mail or AOL Mail

To save a transcript of an instant messaging conversation in any AIM Mail or AOL Mail folder:

  • Click the down arrow next to Save in the chat window.
  • Select the desired folder to save the transcript.
    • Choose New Folder, type the folder name you want and click the + button to create a new folder.
    • Click just Save (instead of the down arrow) to save the transcript in the IMs folder instantly.

AIM Mail and AOL Mail will save the conversation in its current state as it appears in the chat window (including any transactional messages). If you continue the conversation, new messages will not be added to the existing transcript automatically. You can save again, of course.