How to Save a Message as a Draft Quickly in Gmail

It Only Takes Seconds

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Saving a Draft in Gmail. Hero Images / Getty Images

As you compose an email, Gmail saves it automatically as a draft just about continuously This is perfect to avoid accidental data loss — when that experimental site in the other tab hangs your browser, for example, or when your cat, during her daily crazy 25 seconds, wreaks havoc by means of your keyboard.

Automatic saving may not be enough if you've just had the idea of the week (and you've been waiting for its arrival for the past 3 months) and you have to leave in a second and your brother is around the corner and he has that questionable look in his eyes. You need to save your message right now, no seconds to be wasted. Gmail lets you do that, too.

Save a Message as a Draft Quickly in Gmail

To save a message you are composing in Gmail fast:

  • Stop typing and editing for 3 seconds.​
    • You can also press Esc to save immediately.
      • Note that this will close the composition window; you can continue working on the message at any time from the Drafts label