Santa's Flying Sleigh in Minecraft? No Mods?

A flying sleigh created in Minecraft? An interview with it's creator!

There’s Dasher, Dancer, Prancer and Vixen. There’s Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen. We can’t forget Rudolph, though! These famous reindeer are known for helping Santa through the holidays by pulling his sleigh around the world to deliver gifts to those boys and girls who are good year round. In this article, I have interviewed the creator of a the “Controllable Sleigh” in Minecraft with no mods to the game, gentlegiantJGC. This is huge creation and let’s learn what goes into making something of this magnitude.

The Idea


When asking what gave him the idea to create a contraption as massive as a flying sleigh in Minecraft, he answered, “I can’t exactly remember what I got the inspiration from for that idea. I know that SethBling did a Christmas video a while back using Command Block Minecarts and clone commands to make a sleigh move along an infinite track, so potentially that. I also made a controllable dragon video before, which I think inspired the workings of the sleigh. When I had the idea, I thought that I could make it look really good and that is what drove me to make it. I enjoy making things that seem difficult to make, but in reality are fairly easy when you know how, and this is no exception.”

The Struggle


The main problem that gentlegiantJGC faced was the fact there was a large amount of trigonometry involved. Looking back, he believes he could have done it without a large amount of Command Blocks that he used. “The method I used involved loads and loads of trigonometry, however, since getting involved with MCedit filters, I have learned a bit of python.”

Python allows for him to type a few lines of code which is converted into Command Blocks. He believes that this would have made it easier for him, had he known how to do utilize it then. “It’s so much easier than writing them all out by hand. I also found that it caused a lot of lag on the servers that we have because of the 64 block clocking limit.”

Time and Work


When asked to give an estimated amount of time on how long the project took for him to finish, he stated that it was difficult to say exactly how much time was actually spent. “Most of it was spent writing scripts and getting the commands into the game. At the time, I don’t think I had a very good knowledge of Python. I know that I started working on it at some point in November and released the video in early December, so about a month, but that was in the free that I had around my work for university. I honestly have no idea in terms of hours.”

For some people, teamwork is the way to go. For others, going solo makes it easier. GentlegiantJGC prefers to go solo. “I generally do my projects alone because I find it is much easier knowing what everything is, where it is and what it does. I have done projects with other people and they can be fun, but there can be times when two of the things are conflicting and you can’t work out why, partially because you don’t fully understand how the other person’s thing works. I did all of the redstone for this on my own, however. I can’t build to save my life, so I asked a friend of mine known as OJEpixel to build the village.”

Experience and Advice


GentlegiantJGC’s claimed reason for getting into coding was Minecraft and MCedit. He claims he codes for the fact that it’s a fun and that he wouldn’t want to do it as a job. He enjoys making large creations that he deems as “silly” and believes that it’s easier to write a handful of lines of code and then have that code write a few thousand lines of various things than to go and write all of those codes by hand. “If there is a task that I am doing outside of Minecraft that is tedious and can be sped up by writing some code, I will definitely do that because who doesn’t want to be lazy by being clever?”

“The best advice I can give to anyone trying to be make something or do something in general is to keep trying. There are so many examples where I have tried doing something and it looks terrible or just doesn’t function. I just try and work out the problem and work out how to go about fixing it. If at first you don’t succeed; try, try, try and try again. Also, if you have a long, boring, repetitive problem, I would suggest looking into a coding language because you can really cut down the effort you have to put in.”

In Conclusion


Making something out of nothing takes a lot of skill, which can be attained by practice and failure. If at first you don’t succeed, keep at it and eventually you will get past the issue ahead. GentlegiantJGC’s creation can be downloaded for Minecraft 1.8 and will bring quite a bit of fun to your Minecraft experience. Thank you to gentlegiantJGC for allowing me to interview him and check out his Controllable Sleigh and other various content. Happy Holidays!