Sansa Clip Zip: Information and Specifications

A look at what makes the Sansa Clip Zip tick

Sansa Clip Zip
Sansa Clip Zip. Image © SanDisk Corporation


If you're looking for details on SanDisk's Clip Zip MP3 player, then this article gives you a quick rundown on its features. By reading this profile guide, you'll also be able to quickly discover other information about SanDisk's portable before buying -- such as: color and storage capacity combinations, supported audio file formats, minimum system requirements, and more.

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Colors and Capacities

The Sansa Clip Zip comes in a wide range of colors and has built-in flash memory of either 4 or 8Gb. When choosing a Sansa Clip Zip to purchase, the current color and capacity combinations are as follows:

  • Orange (4GB)
  • Red (4GB)
  • White (4GB)
  • Purple (4GB)
  • Blue (4GB)
  • Grey (4 or 8GB)
  • Black (4 or 8GB)

Main Features

The main features of the Sansa Clip Zip are:

  • Full-color display measuring 1.1 inches
  • Voice Recording: using the built-in microphone, you can record voice and other external sounds.
  • FM Radio: There are 40 presets to save your favorite radio stations to and the facility to record live broadcasts as MP3s for later playback.
  • Sport Mode: a facility that enables you to record and save logs of elapsed time. This digital stopwatch measures hours, minutes, seconds, and tenths of a second. Lap times can be saved as logs to the Sansa Clip Zip's internal memory which can be a useful tool if you're into fitness.
  • Built-in MicroSDHC expansion slot that supports up to a 32Gb flash card. This gives a maximum total storage capacity of up to 40Gb (32Gb for card + 8Gb internal memory). As well as high capacity (MicroSDHC) flash memory, you can also use standard MicroSD cards too. The expansion slot can also be used with SanDisk's proprietary SlotRadio cards that are typically pre-loaded with 1,000 songs each.

For a list of suitable flash memory expansion cards for the Sansa Clip Zip, be sure to read our Top MicroSD/HC Cards Guide for more information.

Supported Audio File Formats

The SanDisk Sansa Clip Zip comes with added support for the AAC format (DRM-free) for playing songs from your iTunes library. The complete list of supported file formats are:

Minimum System Requirements

In order to use the Sansa Clip Zip, the following minimum System requirements are needed:

  • Windows XP SP2, Mac OS X 10.3, Linux
  • Windows Media Player 10+.
  • Internet access (for Sansa firmware updater etc.)
  • USB 2.0 port
  • CD-ROM drive

What's in the Box? Package Contents

When you purchase a Sansa Clip Zip, the package contents includes:

  • Sansa Clip Zip player
  • USB 2.0 cable (for charging and file transfers)
  • Earphones with foam covers
  • * CD containing software for Rhapsody
  • Quick start guide.

* denotes US only

The package contents are exactly the same as the Sansa Clip+ down to the very short USB cable! Even though this may appear to be a minor issue, it could prove inconvenient if you haven't got USB ports on the front of your computer, or a USB hub to charge and transfer files to the Sansa Clip Zip.

Design and Build


  • Height = 2.25 inches
  • Width = 1.42 inches
  • Depth = 0.58 inches

The Sansa Clip Zip's design is very similar to the Clip+ but has subtle differences nonetheless. As with its predecessor, the unit is very compact with the inclusion of a handy clip at the rear for attaching to a sleeve, pocket, etc. Visually the test unit we received (blue Clip Zip) looks more attractive than before due to the addition of a silver control pad and home button. However, when pressing the controls, they feel less positive and have a cheaper feel than the older Sansa Clip+. The screen size is also larger than before and is well proportioned in relation to the size of the unit. Overall, SanDisk have improved the look of the Sansa Clip Zip but the build quality of the controls could be slightly better.

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