Samsung's #YouMake Campaign Highlights Customization

Pick the style of your phone, watch, TV, fridge, and more

Samsung is kicking-off it's #YouMake campaign and accompanying website to make finding and customizing eligible products easier (if you're into that sort of thing).

#YouMake is, according to Samsung, a new approach that "allows consumers to take the lead with device customization." In other words, the #YouMake website acts sort of like a centralized hub for the Samsung products that offer a variety of customization options. This includes things you might expect, like the Galaxy Watch4 and Bespoke Galaxy Z Flip 3, but it also highlights things like The Frame and the Bespoke Refrigerator.

Matching devices with personal style


Products like the Z Flip 3 and Bespoke Refrigerator have multiple spots where colors can be applied, providing a decent number of possible combinations. Others, like the Bespoke Jet Stick vacuum and Galaxy Watch4, offer a few color options for the whole device and various model/strap choices, respectively.

Available options for customization vary depending on the device (and Samsung admits in the fine print, sometimes by country) but occasionally go beyond color choices. For example, larger Bespoke refrigerators have a different color option per door, as well as a choice of depth (if you want it to sit more flush with your cabinets).

#YouMake will finish rolling out across eight countries (France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, the UK, the US, and South Korea) by May. More countries will be included throughout the second half of 2022, but Samsung has not stated how many or which ones yet.

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