Bring the Big Screen to Your Back Yard with Samsung’s Terrace

Can you picture a 75-inch 4K TV mounted on the back of your house?

No one knows the next time we'll be able to go to the movie theater, but Samsung has a plan to bring the theater experience to your backyard with a giant 55-to-75-inch water and dust-resistant 4K, house-mountable TV screen.

Samsung The Terrace 4K TV
Samsung The Terrace 4K TV.  Samsung

No theater, no problem. Samsung unveiled a 4K TV and soundbar for your backyard on Thursday.

Get the popcorn: Called The Terrace, the new TV is a 4K QLED Smart TV, which more or less matches the technology in most of Samsung's top-of-the line sets. The big difference is its IP55 rating, which, while not making it waterproof, should protect it in rain and from the errant Super Soaker blast. There are three models: 55-inch, 65-inch, and 75-inch.

Sound design: Samsung's pairing the TV with a new wireless Terrace Soundbar. Like the TV, it's up for some water and dust exposure.

The Terrace Soundbar
Samsung The Terrace 4K TV.  Samsung

In the sunlight: The Terrace has an eye-popping 2,000 nits of brightness. A standard 4K TV might have between 600 and 1,000 nits. Samsung claims that this is enough brightness for "broad daylight" viewing. It also supports 240Hz frame rate for smoother action in movies and sports.

Hook it up: The Terrace is a Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled Smart TV, which means, you can avoid running cable outside your house. The TV can, through Samsung Smart TV, connect to most of your favorite streaming platforms. You will have to make sure your WiFi signal is strong enough outside your home to support an outdoor Netflix binge. There are HDMI connections if you prefer to go the wired route.

Standard view: Even with the environmental protection and maximum brightness, The Terrace is not much larger than similar indoor models. It's 2.3 inches thick and has just a 0.4-inch bezel around the screen.

Samsung The Terrace TV and Soundbar

You can do it: The Terrace can be mounted to your house or on outdoor furniture. Samsung said DIYers should be able to handle it. You can mount The Terrace to the same wall or on the Terrace TV with a special bracket. No word on how to ensure no one unmounts the equipment and takes off with it.

Open the bank account: The 55-inch model starts at $3,499, the 65-inch model is $4,999 and the giant 75-inch model is $6,499. They all launched today.

Bottom line: Movie Theaters may reopen this summer, but there will be strict social distancing guidelines, which may make it hard to find a seat. Samsung's The Terrace outdoor 4K TV is one possible, albeit pricey, home option. So, obviously, is a white sheet and $500 outdoor home projector.

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