Samsung's Pro Plus Memory Cards Now Boast Up to 12 Percent Faster Speeds

Shipping in sizes up to 512GB

Samsung just announced an update to its PRO Plus line of memory cards that emphasizes improved transfer speeds. 

The newly-announced updated Samsung PRO Plus memory cards are specifically designed for tasks requiring increased transfer speeds, such as creative pursuits like photography, videography, and content creation of all kinds. The cards are available in MicroSD and full-size SD, with the former receiving a 12-percent speed bump over the last generation and the latter getting an eight-percent increase. 

Samsung Pro


Looking for numbers? The Samsung Pro Plus MicroSD cards boast read and write speeds of up to 180 MB/s, and the full-size SD cards feature read and write speeds of up to 130 MB/s. These cards support 4K ultra-high definition content and feature a speed class rating of V30, meaning that large video files will transfer quickly (relatively speaking.) 

The memory cards are available in capacities of up to 512GB, which Samsung says is enough room for over 200,000 4K UHD photos or 30 hours of 4K UHD video. They also work with both USB 3.0 and 2.0, so basically, any device with a USB port. And they're rated for high durability, with built-in protections against shock, water, extreme temperatures, x-rays, accidental drops, magnetic impacts, and more. 

The Samsung Pro Plus MicroSD cards are currently available, with prices ranging from $19 to $65 depending on the type and size. 

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