Samsung’s New Vacuum Can Empty Itself While Charging

The Bespoke Jet is powerful, clean, and can run for up to an hour

A new cordless stick vacuum that won't spray a bunch of dust particles into the air and will empty its own dustbin while charging is on the way from Samsung.

The Bespoke Jet is Samsung's newest vacuum, touting a lighter frame and increased cleaning power over previous models. According to Samsung, the Bespoke Jet will keep your floors clean, keep the air clean, and keep itself clean. And it's due out within the next few months.

Bespoke Jet in white, green, and blue


An "All-in-One Clean Station" is the big talking point for this particular model, with Samsung stating that it will keep your space more hygienic. While connected to its charging station, it will empty its own dustbin without spraying any dust particles into the air, which Samsung credits to its Air Pulse technology.

The Bespoke Jet also boasts a multi-layered filtration system designed to catch large, small, and micro dust particles in succession, and the filters are machine washable.

Weighing in at 1.44kg (3.17lbs), the Bespoke Jet is also intended to be easy to use around every part of your living space while providing up to 210W of suction power. It also features a digital display for suction levels and battery power that supports dozens of languages, and Samsung claims the large-capacity battery will let it run for up to an hour.

The Samsung Bespoke Jet


Samsung's Bespoke Jet vacuum will be available in late January in Southeast Asia and Europe, with a US release following in March.

If you're interested, you can reserve one for yourself on the official website, but the total cost is currently unknown.

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