Samsung's New Smart Home Hub Doubles as a Nifty Wireless Charging Pad

It also helps you locate lost gadgets

Samsung has just announced a smart home hub that has a few surprises underneath the hood. 

The Samsung SmartThings Station is a robust offering in the smart home hub space, with a user-friendly design that looks to combat the stereotype that these hubs are confusing as all get out. To that end, most of the setup is done on your phone, with the option to onboard specific devices via a QR code. 

Samsung SmartThings Station


Like most of these hubs, you can use them to set comprehensive routines that leverage the capabilities of many devices at once. For instance, set the speaker to play some morning radio and the coffee machine to do its thing as soon as you wake up. These routines are programmed on your phone and should work with any Thread or Matter-adjacent smart home device. 

This is something of a hybrid device, however, as the SmartThings Station brings some new features to the table. It also doubles as a 15W wireless charging pad. Just plop your depleted device right on the station, and you’ll get a phone alert when it is completely charged. 

Samsung SmartThings Station


The hub also integrates with Samsung’s SmartThings Find, the company’s proprietary asset-tracking service. This station helps you find misplaced items by constantly scanning and registering the location of connected devices. This includes phones, tablets, watches, earbuds, and home appliances (though you likely won’t have to search for a dishwasher.) 

Samsung’s SmartThings Station launches next month, with availability in black and white. It also only costs $60, which is another factor that separates it from the competition.

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