Samsung's New M8 Monitor Combines Entertainment and Work

And comes in four new colors

Samsung has revealed its new M8 Smart Monitor, a 32- inch display that combines various streaming services with productivity features.

The M8 aims to be the ideal monitor for productivity and entertainment at home. It supports various streaming services and can connect to multiple devices, Samsung revealed in a press release today. It can also stream smartphone content and comes with a removable SlimFit Cam.

M8 Smart Monitor


The M8 comes in four colors: Warm White, Sunset Pink, Daylight Blue, and Spring Green. The display outputs at an Ultra HD resolution at 60Hz and supports HDR 10+ for a brighter range. It's also less than half an inch thick and comes with an adjustable stand.

The included SlimFit Cam features Face Tracking and Auto Zoom. With both features on, the webcam will follow a person's movements, making it ideal for video conferencing, according to Samsung. It's also magnetic so you won't have to deal with extra wires taking up space.

You can also connect devices to the monitor via the SmartThings Hub, which can be tracked with the official SmartThings app. In the app, you will see a control panel that displays information from other connected devices.

Green M8 Smart Monitor


The M8 has Wi-Fi connectivity for its native streaming apps so you won't have to connect to a computer to watch something on Netflix. And its Far Field Voice mic can be used with the Always On feature to control devices like Amazon Alexa with your voice, even if the monitor is off.

There's no official release date yet, but you can pre-order the M8 in any of its four colors for $729.99.

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