Samsung’s New Home Life Can Control All the Smart Things

Across Cooking, Energy, Clothing, Pets, Air, and Home Care

Samsung has revealed plans for its new SmartThings Home Life service, which will allow you to control smart devices across six different SmartThings services from one device.

Announced at this year's Bespoke Home event, Samsung's SmartThings Home Life looks to interconnect already-connected smart devices even more. The service, which will be added to the SmartThings app, pools control options for all of your Samsung appliances into a single place: Your smartphone.

Integrated SmartThings Home Life


Six different services (Air Care, Clothing Care, Cooking, Energy, Home Care, and Pet Care) and their connected devices will be included, along with hardware from other global Samsung partners. According to Samsung's Executive Vice President, Chanwoo Park, "The global launch of SmartThings Home Life will expand our services and empower users everywhere to focus less on their daily tasks and more on living in each moment."

When available, you'll be able to access SmartThings Home (and all of your connected devices) directly from the app by tapping the "Life" tab. From there, you'll be able to do things like auto-set kitchen appliances, monitor energy consumption, keep tabs on your pets, and even see if any appliances need maintenance.

Updated SmartThings app functions


An update to the SmartThings Family Hub is also on the way, incorporating some new AI-driven features. Examples include automatically reordering appliance supplies as they run low, improved food and drink identification, Smart Recipes with more approachable instructions, and more.

SmartThings Home Life will launch later this month in 97 different (and as of yet unnamed) countries, as an update to the current SmartThings app. The Family Hub will also be receiving an update in July.

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