Samsung's Home Hub Aims to Make Connected Living Easier

The new display lets you control all your smart home devices

Samsung has revealed plans for its new Smart Hub display, which is intended to let you control all of your connected living devices from one spot.

SmartThings has been, and is still being, integrated with several of Samsung's smart home devices. Now the company wants to give you a way to control such devices—and those from other companies—from one central display. Hence the announcement of the Home Hub at this year's CES.

SmartThings Smart Home


The Home Hub will combine multiple SmartThings services into one device (i.e. the Home Hub display), which will offer complete control over all the connected devices in your home.

If you're already familiar with the SmartThings app you should have no problem navigating the Home Hub menus as it looks to be the same interface. So you'll be able to tab between devices, set up automation, and so on.

Home Hub CES presentation


The company is also planning to further integrate SmartThings functionality with more products, such as Smart TVs and refrigerators, which should be available later this year. Meaning you'll be able to do things like control your music, turn lights on or off, check the contents of your fridge, and more straight from the Home Hub.

Release plans for the Home Hub are still sparse, but XDA Developers reported that Samsung plans to kick off sales in Korea later this year. There has been no mention of whether it will see a release outside of Korea or how much it will cost.

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