Samsung's Digital Wallet Service Expands to Several New Countries

With safeguards to protect your money and data

Samsung launched the Wallet platform last year, bringing the proprietary digital payment and data storage service to 21 countries. 

Now that list is going up by eight, as the company just announced a global rollout of the Wallet service. The new countries on Samsung’s bestie list include Australia, Brazil, Canada, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Singapore, and Taiwan. Countries like the United States, England, Vietnam, and Denmark already had access to the service. 

Samsung Wallet

"When Samsung launched Samsung Wallet last year, we committed to building the experience through open partnerships with our business and service providers and ensuring access to the platform for as many people as possible," said Jeanie Han, EVP and Head of Digital Wallet Team at Mobile eXperience Business, Samsung Electronics.

So what exactly is Samsung Wallet, and how does it differentiate itself from the other digital wallets out there? 

This is more than a payment platform; it also stores digital IDs, loyalty cards, passwords, keys, and more. Samsung says the service "goes above and beyond to safeguard your data by storing it in a secure environment where it's protected from malware and other potential threats." Consider it your one-stop shop within the Samsung ecosystem to store, protect, and use your data. 

The service broadens its global horizons at the end of the month, though the platform's details may vary from country to country. 

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