Samsung Wants You To Buy a Curved Sound Bar For Your Curved Screen TV

Samsung HW-J8500 Curved Sound Bar for 2015. Image Provided by Samsung

If you own, or plan to purchase, a curved screen LED/LCD or OLED TV, Samsung is offering up its 2015 curved sound bar line-up.

There are four models to choose from, the HW-J8500, HW-J7500, HW-J6500, and HW-J6000.

All four sound bars also come packaged with a separate wireless subwoofer. The sound bars can be wall or shelf mounted (can actually be attached to the underside of the TV, so no holes or mounts need to be attached to the wall).

Physical connections on all the sound bars include: 1 HDMI in/out (video pass through - no additional video processing), 1 digital optical input, 1 analog stereo input (3.5mm), and 1 USB input (file compatibility includes: mp3, wma, acc, wav, ogg, flac).

For control flexibility, users can use either the provided remote or a compatible Samsung TV remote.

Now that you know what they have in common, here is how each one is different.

HW-J8500 - This "top-of-line" sound bar incorporates a 9 channel speaker configuration supported by a 300-watt output amplifier and an 8-inch wireless subwoofer. In addition, the HW-J8500 also supports playback of Hi-Rez Audio (up to 192Kz/24 bits), and can also wirelessly stream audio from compatible Samsung TVs via TV SoundConnect (also referred as SoundShare), as well as integrate with Samsung's Shape Multi-Room Audio System. The physical size of the HW-J8500 is designed to match 65 to 78-inch curved screen sizes. The suggested price if $1,299.99 - Buy From Amazon

HW-J7500 - Designed to match best with 55 and 65-inch Samsung curved TVs, the HW-J7500 features an 8 channel configuration with a 7-inch wireless subwoofer and is also compatible with Samsung's Multi-Room Audio System for a more flexible user experience. The HW-J7500 is priced at $799.99 - Buy From Amazon

HW-J6500 - Moving down the line, the 6.1. channel HW-J6500 matches best with Samsung's 48 and 55-inch curved TVs. Also, just like the 7500, the 6500 can also be integrated into a Samsung multi-room audio setup in addition to enhance TV sound. The HW-J6500 is priced at $549.99 - Buy From Amazon

HW-J6000 - Just like the HW-J6500, the HW-J6000 fits best with Samsung's 48 and 55-inch curved screen TVs. The 6000 doesn't connect with Samsung's Multi-room Audio system, but it does feature TV Sound Connect for wireless connection to your TV. The price: $499.99 - Buy From Amazon

It is important to point out that Samsung's Curved Sound Bars are designed for use with their own curved TVs. Although LG makes curved screen TVs as well, the degree of curvature is not the same. Using a Samsung curved sound bar with an LG curved screen TV would not be a good physical match. Also, Samsung's curved ​soundbars will not attach to LG curved screen TVs.

Original Publish Date: 04/07/2015 - Robert Silva


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