Samsung Unpacks More Phones, Earbuds, and Smart Things

The view from Samsung's galaxy

The Samsung Galaxy S21 line.

Samsung did not disappoint at its first Unpacked event of the year, where it announced the launch of some new products, including ear buds, smart phones, SmartTags, and more. The technology giant also is expanding its product offerings through new partnerships. 

After spending more time on technology devices last year when the pandemic forced the world into quarantine, Samsung honed in on making sure it’s devices are equipped with plenty of capabilities to keep users busy, especially the new Galaxy S21 smartphone series.

"From chip to camera, they are truly exceptional smart phones that let you turn every day into an amazing experience," said Yoonie Park, a global brand marketing head at Samsung, during the Unpacked event. "We know you need technology to turn your ordinary moments into extraordinary."

Galaxy S21, S21+ and Ultra

Equipped with the fastest chip ever, three cameras, and more 5G capabilities, the Galaxy S21 series has improved in more areas than one. 

"These devices are designed to open up a world of extraordinary new experiences," said Park.

The S21 combines the camera shell with the frame of the phone, covering the camera fully in metal for a more durable and stylish look. The devices are equipped with AMOLED display screens, opposed to LED.

The screens have an adaptive refresh rate and can go between 48-120 hertz to optimize viewing experience based on the content users are viewing. And the eye comfort shield automatically adjusts the blue light filter when in different light.

The Galaxy S21 has a 6.2-inch display and the S21+ has a 6.7-inch display. 

New Camera Design

The camera capabilities are the most notable updates in the Galaxy S21 series. The cameras can adjust themselves to provide the brightest and most natural looking photos. Each phone is equipped with an ultra-wide, wide and telephoto lens. Galaxy’s brand new processor allows the S21 and S21+ phones to provide enhanced portraits with various modes of lighting.

A Galaxy S21 showing the cameras on the back of the device, covered with the new housing.

The S21 series is equipped with 8K video, which is four times sharper than 4K. The sharpness of the video allows 8K Video Snap, where users can grab clear photos from videos by simply pressing the playback button. Users also can take photos and record videos at the same time with the Single Take capability. 

"It’s like having a personal editor inside our phone, easily creating photos, videos, and boomerangs you can share immediately," Park said. 

Another cool camera capability includes the director view, which allows you to preview thumbnails with your inner camera while your outer cameras are hard at work. 

Increased Gaming Capabilities

With more 5G capabilities, gamers will be able to enjoy a better experience playing on their phones, including adaptive performance that allows users to play longer without draining their batteries. 

The Galaxy S21 comes in violet, pink, gray, and white while the S21+ comes in silver, black, and violet. The S21 will start at $799 and the S21+ starts at $999. Both models will be available for purchase starting on January 29.

And the S21 Ultra

Those aren’t the only smartphone devices Samsung announced today, the tech giant also released the Galaxy S21 Ultra. The all-black 5G smartphone is equipped with four cameras, the same three lenses as the other devices in the S21 series, plus another telephoto lens and a laser sensor.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra.

The device is equipped with Samsung’s most powerful processor, a 6.8-inch display and an upgraded megapixel image sensor. The S21 Ultra can capture photos in extreme low light and the device’s internal AI algorithm works to preserve the true shape and color tone of the image. 

"It’s a smartphone built for people who want more," Charlie McCarren, Samsung's senior manager of corporate development, said during the announcement. 

The space zoom on the S21 Ultra allows for a wider, balanced range of depth options. The camera automatically will switch lenses, depending on the depth in a photo a user is trying to capture. The S21 Ultra also will be the first S series smartphone compatible with the S Pen which can be used to write, click through presentations, draw, and even make edits. 

Samsung’s S21 Ultra will be available for purchase on January 29 for $1,199, with custom color options. 

Samsung also is releasing two new S Pen models, the standard S Pen and the S Pen Pro. The S pen will be available at launch with the S21 Ultra, while the S Pen Pro will be available later this year.

Galaxy Buds Pro

Samsung announced the next generation of its earbuds, the Galaxy Buds Pro, which are equipped with intelligent active noise cancellation technology. 

"They may be small, but they sure are mighty," TM Roh, Samsung’s president and head of mobile communications, said during the Unpacked event. "This powerful design statement offers a multidimensional audio experience that will blow you away."

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

Samsung’s new earbuds were inspired by speakers, and were engineered with new technology to enable a two-way system to maximize the audio. Traditional headphones use a one-way speaker system because of the small size.

Galaxy Buds Pro offer 360 audio for realistic immersion, and can detect head movements to recalibrate when you move. For call quality, the earbuds are equipped with a voice pickup unit and three microphones, two outer and one inner, as well as an inner wind chamber.

The earbuds also can automatically switch to whatever Samsung device you’re using, so no need to fiddle around in settings to change it manually. 

Galaxy Buds Pro will be available for purchase starting January 15 for $199, and they come in purple, black, and white.

Galaxy SmartTag

Samsung is expanding SmartThings Find with the addition of Galaxy SmartTag, a small portable device that’s easily attachable to the things you love most. Users could already use SmartThings Find to locate their Samsung devices, but with SmartTag, users can attach these small devices to anything to track it. 

When you’re looking for a lost item with a SmartTag, you can send out Bluetooth signals to nearby Samsung users to help you track it down, without sharing your data. Users also can ring a SmartTag to find it.

A Smart Things Find tag attached to a keychain and a user using the app to locate the tag.

Samsung also announced Galaxy SmartTag+, which is equipped with ultra wideband technology to allow better spatial accuracy and directional capabilities. 

SmartTags go on sale January 29 for $29.99 for a single device, $49.99 for two devices, and $84.99 for a four pack. SmartTag+ will be available later this year for $39.99 for a single and $64.99 for two devices. SmartTags also can be protected with decorative cases.

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