Samsung, Sony, and Vizio 4K Ultra HD TVs For 2015 Revealed

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Following up on LG's Official Announcement regarding the pending pricing and available of its 4K Ultra HD TV product line for 2015, the gang at HDGuru have managed to "unofficially" uncover similar information regarding 4K Ultra HD TV product lines from Samsung, Sony, and Vizio. Although the following information is technically "unofficial", based on HDGuru's past record, it is most likely correct.

Samung SUHD

First up, there is Samsung, which is using the moniker "SUHD" on their top end TVs for 2015. So far, the SUHD line is divided into three series: JS9500, JS9000, and JS8500.

Examples of two new technologies featured in all of Samsung's SUHD TVs for 2015 are Quantum Dots (Samsung is using the label Nano Crystals) and the Tizen Smart TV Operating System (which is replacing Samsung's previous Smart Apps platform).

At the top end, the JS9500 series also incorporates Full-Array Backlighting with Local Dimming, HDR (High Dynamic Range - which Samsung Refers to as Peak Illuminator Ultimate), and an 8 Core Processor. The JS9500 series all come with Curved Screens.

So far, prices for two of the models in the JS9500 have been leaked: $22,999 for the 88-inch UN88JS9500, and $5,999 for the 65-inch UN65JS9500. A 78-inch model is also available. 

Next is the JS9000 series, which trades off full-array backlighting for edge lighting and a toned-down version of HDR (referred to as Peak Illuminator Pro). The JS9000 series also features curved screens. Prices for three models have been revealed so far: $4999 for the 65-inch UN65JS9000, $3999 for the 55-inch UN55JS9000, and $3499 for the 48-inch UN48JS9000.

The last SUHD series where pricing and preliminary have been leaked is the JS8500 series, which trades out a curved screen for a flat screen, and also reduces the processing core from 8 to 4.

There appears to be three sets in this series, the 65-inch UN65JS8500 ($3999), 55-inch UN55JS8500 ($2999), and 48-inch UN48JS8500 ($2499). 

For more feature details on all of Samsung SUHD TV line for 2015 known so far, refer to the report posted by HDGuru, as well as the newly posted Official Samsung Product Pages for the UN65JS9500, UN65JS9000, UN55JS9000, and UN48JS9000.

Information on Samsung's non-SUHD 4K UHD and 1080p LED/LCD 2015 product lines is still forthcoming.


Although the long term future of Sony's TV product line is in doubt, for now, they are still playing the game, showing off some impressive 4K Ultra HD TVs at the 2015 CES. Now, HD Guru has leaking some additional feature and pricing information on Sony's forthcoming sets in this product category.

The series that has been revealed so far are the 940C, 930C, 910C, and 900C, and 830C. Unlike Samsung, all of Sony's 4K Ultra HD TVs feature flat screens. So if you are a Sony fan, but not a curved screen fan, this will make you happy. Also, the list includes high-end, mid-range, and entry level sets for your consideration.

With that in mind, Sony's top-end 75-inch Sony XBR75X940C carries a reasonable $7,999 price tag followed by the 65-inch XBR65X930C ($4,499), the 75-inch XBR75X910C ($5,499), 65-inch XBR65X900C ($3,999), 55-inch XBR55X900C ($2,499)  75-inch XBR75X850C ($4,999), 65-inch XBR65X830C ($3,999), 55-inch XBR55X830C ($2,199), 49-inch XBR49X830C ($1,599), and 43-inch XBR43X830C ($1,299).

All of the sets in all series are 4K Ultra HD TVs and all feature Sony's Trilumious Color-enhancement technology (except for the 830C series). Also, the 940C and 930C feature enhanced contrast (they aren't officially calling it HDR), and all of the sets incorporate Google's Android TV internet streaming platform.


As impressive as both Samsung and Sony's 2015 4K Ultra HD TVs appear to be, Vizio definitely beats them in one area, price. For 2015, Vizio adds 4K resolution display capability to its M Series sets (currently, the Vizio P Series is their 4K Ultra HD line).

In addition to adding 4K resolution all of the new M-Series sets, they will continue to incorporate Full-Array backlighting with Local Dimming for more even black levels across the entire screen surface. All of the sets also incorporate Vizio's Internet Apps Plus Smart TV platform.

There are no firm availability dates announced yet, but once, again HDGuru's detective work has revealed the following forthcoming M-Series 4K-equipped models and prices:

M80-C3 (80-inches) - $3,999

M75-C1 (75-inches) - $2,999

M70-C3 (70-inches) - $2,199

M65-C1 (65-inches) - $1,699

M60-C3 (60-inches) - $1,499

M55-C2 (55-inches) - $999

M50-C1 (50-inches) - $899

M49-C1 (49-inches) - $869

M43-C1 (43-inches) - $599

If the above prices hold, and sets sell and review well, it will definitely put other manufacturer's on notice.

For more details on additional features and specifications, refer to the report from HDGuru.

Original Publish Date: 03/01/2015 - Robert Silva