What is the Samsung Smart TV Web Browser?

How to browse the internet on your TV

Samsung smart TVs provide access to several apps for watching movies and TV shows. The inclusion of a pre-installed internet web browser comes as a bonus.

Getting Started with the Samsung TV Web Browser

Depending on the TV model year or series, the browser may be accessible on the smart hub home screen as a pre-installed app on the My Apps page. If it isn't pre-installed, it can be downloaded from the Samsung TV app store.

Once you find or install it, you can launch the web browser from your remote control or other available options.

You can navigate the web browser by pressing and holding the TV remote's cursor controls (it functions as a mouse) in combination with a provided onscreen virtual keyboard.

In addition to using the TV's remote control for web browsing, depending on the model year or series, you may also be able to connect a standard Windows keyboard and mouse into the TV's USB ports. Adding a keyboard and mouse makes search term and URL input easier.

Some Samsung smart TVs may also allow the connection of a wireless Bluetooth keyboard or mouse.

For some models, you can navigate the browser using the touchpad on the Samsung Smart View mobile app.

Web browsing features on recent model Samsung TVs may be referred to as the Internet Function.

What the Samsung Smart TV Web Browser Can Do

Here is what the provided web browser allows you to do.

Select Your Search Engine and Display Search Results

Choose between the Google or Bing search engines, display search results, or go to websites directly by typing the appropriate URL in the search box.

Display the Browser's Featured Websites

Go directly to popular pre-selected websites.

Display Most Visited Websites

As you search the web, the browser remembers which sites you visit often and provides that listing, so you don't have to search for those sites.

Display Bookmarked Websites

In addition to your most visited websites, you can bookmark specific websites and see those sites displayed for direct access.

Display Web Browsing History

Your browsing history is saved from latest to oldest. The oldest entries are overwritten first.

View Website Content

You can read articles, listen to music, view photos, and watch videos (with some limitations) on the websites you find.

Search the Web and Watch TV at the Same Time

You can watch regular TV or another compatible source in a PIP (picture-in-picture) inset while you browse the web.

Customize Browser Settings

Settings are provided for setting your toolbar, home page, privacy and security, blocking pages, approved pages, and more.

What the Samsung Smart TV Web Browser Can't Do

Although the Samsung TV web browser is convenient, it is limited compared to the flexibility you have on most PC web browsers. Here is a list of things it can't do:

  • File downloading may be limited or not supported.
  • Not all websites are accessible.
  • Java applications may not be supported.
  •  Flash video files can't be played.
  •  Active X isn't supported.
  • Some HTML5 based audio/video files may not be playable.
  • There are a limited number of fonts available, and some symbols may not display correctly.
  • Font size and color selection may not be available for writing emails or messages.
  • Response to remote commands may be slow.
  • Web page loading may be delayed or stopped depending on what other TV functions are running at the same time.
  • Copy and paste aren't supported.
  • Only a limited number of bookmarks can be saved.
  • The number of open windows is restricted.
  • Some video streaming services may not play properly through the web browser.

Samsung issues periodic firmware updates for its TVs that may include tweaks to the web browsing features. Updating your Samsung TV might address one or more of the limits listed above. 

If the Samsung TV web browser doesn't meet your needs, you can't delete it or install a replacement directly on the TV. Still, there are some workarounds that enable you to browse the web on other devices and view the results on your TV screen.

Beginning with the 2019 model year, Samsung smart TVs include a feature called Remote Access. This feature allows you to control and interact with PCs, laptops, and mobile devices as well as perform extensive web browsing, screen mirroring/sharing, gaming, and cloud navigation directly from the TV using a connected keyboard and mouse.

Samsung Remote Access Feature
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