Samsung’s New Odyssey G7 Monitor Promises More Control Over Your Games

Adjust screen size, aspect ratio, refresh rates, and more

Samsung's newest gaming monitor releases today, offering sharper details and more vivid colors for both PC and console games.

The Odyssey line of Samsung gaming monitors has been steadily expanding, with a new Odyssey Neo G7 43-inch model hitting (physical and digital) store shelves today. Providing both high-resolution and performance visuals, along with a number of features usually found in smart TVs.

Odyssey Neo G7


This new HDR flat screen addition to the Odyssey series can handle a resolution of up to 4K at the current 16:9 standard aspect ratio. And since it's intended to be used for gaming, it also has a 144Hz refresh rate with a 1ms response time, so there should be little to no noticeable delay between pressing buttons and on-screen action.

Inputs for up to two HDMI cables, an ethernet LAN connection, two USB ports, and a wireless connection option come standard as well. Samsung also says reflections won't be a problem thanks to the matte display, while performance and screen distortions will be kept at a minimum (unless the game itself encounters internal issues).

Outside of the hardware itself, the Odyssey Neo G7 also has a number of settings to play around with to find your ideal look. Flex Move Screen will alter the screen size (from 43- down to 20-inches) to better fit the games you're playing. While Game Bar controls several other gaming-centric options from the aspect ratio and variable refresh rate to frames per second and general response time.

You can purchase a 43-inch Odyssey Neo G7 gaming monitor (specifically the G70NC model) starting today for $999.99. You'll find it on Samsung's own website or you can get one through "select" (unspecified) Samsung retailers.

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