Samsung Reveals Next-Gen RAM Chips

The company boasts of higher performance at low power

Samsung has announced its next generation of RAM chips that will be used in various applications, from smartphones to the recent hot topic, the metaverse.

According to Samsung, the new LPDDR5X DRAM chips will significantly boost the speed and performance of the device they’re housed in. The company also claims this new component is the industry’s first 14-nanometer (nm)  based 16GB processor.

Samsung LPDDR5X chips


The LPDDR5X is a follow-up to 2018’s LPDDR5. It’s 1.3 times faster than the older chip and uses 20 percent less power. The new technology can enable up to 64 GB per memory package, which will allow the LPDDR5X to meet the demand for high-capacity DRAM around the world.

Samsung’s mention of the metaverse is being kept vague at this point.

The company is making a concerted effort to expand the uses of this new RAM tech beyond smartphones. According to the Head of the DRAM Design Team, the company wants to meet the demands of artificial intelligence and augmented reality markets with these chips.

VR Family

Oscar Wong/Getty Images

The high performance and low power of the LPDDR5X is slated to bring out the full potential of AI-based applications, which include the 5G network, internet servers, and automobiles.

It’s unknown when the LPDDR5X will start making its way into Samsung’s products. However, we could see the chip in the company’s virtual reality products fairly soon.

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