Samsung Reveals Exynos W920 Chipset for Galaxy Watch 4

Touted as the industry’s first 5-nanometer processor

Samsung has announced the Exynos W920, its newest processor for wearables, a "first in the industry" built with a 5-nanometer (nm) extreme ultra-violet (EUV) process node.

According to Samsung, the Exynos W920 also uses an integrated LTE Cat.4 modem and will provide more powerful and efficient performance. The Exynos W920 also uses a more compact design, which could allow for sleeker-looking smartwatches or larger (i.e. longer-lasting) batteries. It should be noted, however, that Samsung has not specifically stated that such a battery will be used in its next smartwatch model.

Samsung Exynos W920


The Exynos W920 boasts a roughly 20% improvement in GPU performance over older Exynos models and 10-times better graphical performance. Samsung claims this will enable faster app launching and a more attractive 3D user interface.

It also reduces the power draw of the smartwatch's always-on display by activating a dedicated low-power display processor instead of the main CPU. It can support the new Wear OS 3.0.

"With the Exynos W920, future wearables will be able to run applications with visually appealing user interfaces and more responsive user experiences while keeping you connected on the go with fast LTE," said Harry Cho, vice president of System LSI marketing at Samsung Electronics, in Samsung's announcement.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

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The Exynos W920 will make its debut with the Galaxy Watch 4, with Samsung hinting that it will be used in future smartwatch hardware, as well.

Pricing and release date information isn't available yet, but is expected to be revealed during the Samsung Unpacked event on Wednesday.

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