Samsung Releases Customizable 'Bespoke' Galaxy Z Flip3 Smartphone

Available in 49 color schemes

If you're getting tired of standard smartphone designs and color schemes, Samsung has certainly got you covered.

The company just announced that pre-orders are live for the Galaxy Z Flip3 Bespoke Edition, via the Samsung Newsroom. This brand new iteration of Samsung’s popular folding phone is highly customizable, with a total of 49 color and design combinations. Customers can mix and match phone frame colors of black or silver, and front and back colors of blue, yellow, pink, white, or black. 

Samsung Bespoke Edition Galaxy Z Flip3


Samsung is also offering a service called Bespoke Upgrade Care, exclusively for Galaxy Z Flip3 Bespoke Edition phones. If you buy into this service, you’ll be able to change the colors on your phone whenever you want. 

"Today’s customers are multi-faceted, and we believe their technology should reflect their unique lifestyles," said Stephanie Choi, senior vice president and head of marketing of the mobile communications business at Samsung Electronics.

The Galaxy Z Flip3 Bespoke Edition starts at $1,099 and ships with 12 months of Samsung’s Care+4 protection plan. The company has set up a dedicated web portal for users to try out different color schemes before placing an order. Samsung says that Bespoke Edition phones will arrive in unique packaging, with custom wallpaper and a cover screen that matches the device’s colors.

Of course, this isn’t Samsung’s first foray into extreme customization. The Bespoke line is available for Galaxy Watch4 smartwatches and, interestingly, a full range of refrigerators.

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