Samsung New Phone Rumors: Galaxy X and Galaxy S10

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The latest Samsung Galaxy phone

Samsung consistently releases new Galaxy S phones along with the Galaxy Note phablet series each year. The company's annual Unpacked event is a flashy affair is where the most significant announcements happen, and the invitation, sent out months ahead, usually offers a hint. Once the Galaxy Note 8 came out in 2017, rumors quickly started piling up about the Note 9, and once the Galaxy S9 phone hit shelves, it was time to speculate about the Galaxy S10. There have also been rumors for years about a Samsung phone with a foldable display, and it looks like we might finally be getting one in 2018: the Samsung Galaxy X.

Here are the latest Galaxy X and Samsung S10 rumors as well as details we've confirmed about the Note 9.

Galaxy X: A Smartphone With a Foldable Display?

One of Samsung's patents shows a screen that folds over the back of the phone, like a wallet. The folded part then becomes part of the primary display; when unfolded, it might be used as a viewfinder for the camera or show notifications, as the Edge panel does on Galaxy S smartphones.

Galaxy S10 Price and Release Date

The latest rumors indicate that Samsung might announce the Galaxy X by the end of 2018. Previously, many expected it to be at Mobile World Congress in early 2019. Pricing could be as high as $1,850

Possible Samsung S10 Features

  • Three models with three different screen sizes
  • Reimagined fingerprint sensor
  • Bezel-free design
  • 3D face scanner for facial unlock
  • A health app that can measure your UV exposure
  • Android 9.0 Pie

Fingerprint Sensor Backed by New Technology

While many speculated that the Note 9 might get an in-display fingerprint reader, it looks like that feature is getting saved for the forthcoming Galaxy S10, the release of which will coincide with the tenth anniversary of the series. According to a patent, Samsung is working on an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor that uses ultrasound technology that should make the authentication more secure.

Galaxy S10 Price and Release Date

It's likely that Samsung will launch the S10 in January 2019 during the CES trade show in Las Vegas. Based on the price of the Galaxy S9, the S10 will likely cost at least $1,000.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9: Release Date and Details

The short video teaser for the August 9 Samsung Unpacked didn't offer any detail but put the S Pen, in the spotlight. Same with the invitation.

Additionally, a well-known tipster called Ice Universe, who has broken the news about a handful of previous Galaxy devices, obtained a copy of a full-page ad for the Note 9, which showed the S Pen front and center.

With all that focus on the S Pen, many believed that the stylus would have enhanced functionality, beyond writing and drawing. They were right.

The Note 9's S Pen is:

  • Bluetooth compatible
  • Battery-powered
  • Charges in about one minute and lasts a half hour
  • A control for the camera and camera timer
  • A remote to playback music on the Note 9

Other confirmed features include:

  • A 6.4-inch display
  • A 4,000mAh battery (the largest yet on a Note)
  • Repositioned fingerprint scanner underneath the camera
  • One model with 512 GB of storage and 8 GB RAM
  • A second model with 128 GB of storage and 6 GB RAM
  • Dual 12 MP primary camera with AI features
  • Android 8.1 Oreo

Release Date: August 24, 2018

Price: US$ 1,000 for 128 GB; $1,250 for 512 GB direct from Samsung