Samsung Officially Announces ‘Unpacked’ Event for August 10

Get ready for more foldables

Samsung got a bit cute yesterday, issuing a series of cryptic and puzzle-based tweets that seemed to indicate a forthcoming showcase for upcoming gadgets. 

Well, now the company is putting the puzzles away and going for a more direct method of communication. Samsung just officially announced an Unpacked event for August 10 and even gave some details about what is on the agenda. 

Samsung Unpacked


Subtitled "unfold your world," next month’s event will focus on updates to Samsung’s line of foldables, as expected. The announcement included a short video showing a Galaxy Z Flip-shaped device positioned as a "greater than" symbol. This likely indicates an official unveiling of the anticipated Z Flip 4 smartphone. 

The image in the announcement could actually be the Z Flip 4, but it is shown only in silhouette. Samsung does love its mysteries. 

With a tagline like "unfold your world," it is also likely that the event will introduce the Z Fold 4 and, potentially, other foldables. Updates to the Galaxy Watch line are also expected, despite watches being defiantly, um, unfoldable. 

The event will start at 9AM ET on August 10 and will be streamed on, the Samsung Newsroom, and the company’s YouTube channel.

In addition to unveiling new gear, Samsung will also likely announce pricing and availability. Preorders are already available, with no financial commitment if lining up to buy mysterious and unannounced gadgets is your bag.

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