Samsung Now Lets You Share Recently Read Websites Across Devices

Galaxy users can pick up where they left off

Seamless connectivity between devices is all the rage, and Samsung is beefing up these capabilities by integrating with the Microsoft Phone Link service. 

Samsung just announced a new connectivity feature called Recent Websites that allows users to seamlessly switch between Samsung phones and Galaxy Book tablets and laptops. The service automatically pulls up any website you had open on your browser tabs so you can continue reading at your leisure, no matter which device you are using. 

Samsung Recent Websites


Here's how it works. Call up recent sessions from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop by clicking on the Recent Websites button, which is not dissimilar to how Google Chrome and other services treat multi-device connectivity.

The difference, however, is that Samsung's method works with various browsers at once, though you will have to connect your Galaxy devices to the Microphone Phone Link app on your PC before starting, but the process is fairly streamlined.  

Samsung suggests this service will be helpful when researching a subject on your phone and moving to a tablet when you need more screen real estate. 

"Samsung Electronics is always looking for new ways to deliver a connected experience that harmonizes the strengths and capabilities of its smartphones, PCs, tablets, watches, and more for a truly seamless multi-device ecosystem," the company wrote in the blog post. 

The company says the Recent Websites feature is only the latest foray into improving connectivity between devices, with more features to be detailed at the upcoming Galaxy Unpacked event on February 1. 

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