Samsung News Promises to Be Your Go-to Source on Galaxy Devices

Offering curated headlines, custom feeds, and a selection of podcasts

The Samsung Free aggregator app is rebranding to Samsung News, promising a customizable daily feed of stories from trusted sources.

Your on-device newsstand app for Samsung Galaxy phones will still give you up-to-date stories, but it's changing its name to Samsung News. Beyond the name change, more partners are being added as sources, with still more expected to join.

Browsing through Samsung News on a smartphone


As you might expect, News Feeds are a big part of how Samsung News presents information. And if you prefer more control over what and who you see, you can use the Following tab to customize your news preferences. You can find and listen to a number of podcasts (both for news and entertainment) through the rebranded app as well.

Daily Briefings will also be available in the morning and evening, compiled by Samsung news editors to provide a curated list of top headlines.

To start, Samsung News will feature news stories from various new and current media partners. Current partners include (but aren't limited to) CNN, Glamour, Newsweek, POLITICO, Salon, USA TODAY, and Vice. Editor in Chief for Fortune, Alyson Shontell, stated in the press release, "... Samsung News will give Galaxy users another way to stay current and access the latest business news and trends from Fortune."

Samsung News on a smartphone and tablet


Samsung News is rolling out in beta today for those in the US and will appear as a free update to the Samsung Free app—once updated, the app will change to Samsung News.

Anyone in the US who doesn't have Samsung Free installed already can download the Samsung News app from the Samsung Galaxy Store. But don't worry if you don't see Samsung News right away, as it's initially coming to "select phones" (unspecified) before extending to other devices "in the coming weeks."

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