Troubleshoot Samsung Mirrorless Camera Error Messages


Samsung has always manufactured very reliable cameras. And I’ve always believed the company is one of the most under-rated camera manufacturers in the marketplace.

But on occasion you may experience a problem with your Samsung digital mirrorless interchangeable lens camera (ILC). In some instances you’ll see an error message appear on the Samsung mirrorless camera’s screen … or you may experience problems where the camera provides no visual clues.

Having an error message may be a bit unsettling, especially if it only consists of some odd alphanumeric code, but at least with an error message on the screen, you’ll have some sort of clue as to the problem.

Use these tips to troubleshoot your Samsung mirrorless interchangeable lens camera, such as the NX3000.

  • Card error. This error message indicates a memory card that is malfunctioning. You may need to reinsert the memory card, making sure the metal contacts on the card are free of grime. First, though, try turning the camera off and on to reset this error message, and the camera may begin working again. If none of these items work, you’ll need to format the card. Just make sure you have downloaded all of the photos from the card before formatting, because formatting will erase anything that’s on the card.
  • DCF full error. With this error message, the file names on the memory card do not match the DCF (design rule for camera file system) standard, and the camera cannot read the files. You’ll need to download the photos to a computer and format the card. It probably means the photos on the card were shot with a different camera.
  • Error 00. You’re probably experiencing a lens error when you see this error message with your Samsung mirrorless interchangeable lens camera. Try reattaching the lens. Make sure the metal contacts are clean. If you cannot fix this error message by cleaning and reattaching the lens, the camera may need a service center.
  • Error 01 or 02. Either of these error messages require a reset of the camera. Remove the memory card and battery from the camera for at least 15 minutes. Reinsert everything and turn on the camera again. If the error message does not clear, the Samsung mirrorless ILC needs repair.
  • File error. The file error message usually indicates a photo file that has been corrupted. Try downloading all of the photos on the memory card to your computer and then format the card. Also, you can try a different memory card. However, if you cannot seem to make this error message correct itself using those methods, it could be indicating a more serious problem with the camera that will need a repair center.
  • Lens is locked. With some Samsung mirrorless camera’s interchangeable lenses, the lens’ focus ring locks in place to prevent it from rotating inadvertently while you carry the camera, which would extend the lens. However, the camera will not operate while the lock switch is activated. If you try to shoot a photo with the lens lock switch activated, you’ll see this error message.
  • No image file. With this error message, either the card is empty or the Samsung mirrorless camera cannot read any of the photos stored on the card. If you know the card has photos on it, the card may be malfunctioning, or the photos on the card may have been shot with another camera, leaving the Samsung camera unable to display them. Download any photos on the card to a computer, and then format the card using the Samsung mirrorless ILC.