Samsung Might be Cooking up an AirDrop Competitor

An easy way to share files, photos may soon be a part of Galaxy phones

What: Samsung is reportedly prepping its own version of AirDrop, called Quick Share, for its Galaxy S20 smartphone line.

How: Quick Share could work much like AirDrop, using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for nearby connection and file transfer. Samsung is expected to announce at least three new phones and a slew of features next month.

Why Do You Care: AirDrop is a popular feature among iPhone and iPad users for easy sharing of images, files and more. Nothing quite like it exists on the Android side.

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Not everyone uses iOS’s nearby file-sharing feature, AirDrop, but those who do live by it, and their friends on Android are green with jealousy.

That jealous rage might be fading for at least some Android customers. Samsung is, according to a report on XDA-Developers, prepping something called Quick Share for its upcoming Galaxy S20 smartphone line.

Like AirDrop, the utility will let you spot nearby Galaxy handsets and then, if they have Quick Share enabled, send them photos and files. Quick Share probably won’t be enabled by default and, if you do use it, you can set it to accept shares from “Contacts Only” or “Everyone.”

In the Apple AirDrop world, leaving your phone open to shares from Everyone can lead to some surprising images suddenly appearing on your device.

Quick Share may, according to XDA-Developers, add a new wrinkle to the local sharing game, with the option of parking files in the cloud for someone to download later.

It’s not clear if Quick share is a riff on the rumored Fast Share reportedly coming to all Android 10 devices or it’s a totally different beast as Samsung got tired of waiting for Google to release the system-based local file-sharing option.