Samsung Message Guard Gives You More Protection From Unexpected Attacks

But it's limited to the Galaxy S23 Series for now

Samsung is providing Galaxy phone users with an added layer of protection against text message hacks.

Zero-click exploits can be used to run malicious code—that can lead to all sorts of other problems—by sending an innocent-looking image via text message. Samsung claims its new Message Guard security measures can help prevent such attacks, provided you're using Samsung Messages or Messages by Google for texting, that is.

Samsung Message Guard


The way Samsung explains Message Guard is like a "virtual quarantine," which will automatically sequester any texted images from the rest of your phone. By keeping it cut off from the rest of the system, any hidden and possibly harmful code won't be able to accomplish anything. And while the image is quarantined, Message Guard will comb over the file to ensure it's safe.

It's a process that Samsung says will run in the background, so it shouldn't cause any noticeable interruptions with your messaging. Message Guard will run independently and won't require manual activation. However, Samsung hasn't commented on whether or not the function can be manually turned off or if the background processes will affect your device's battery.

Samsung Message Guard layers


When Will Message Guard Be Available?

Message Guard is currently available on Galaxy S23 smartphones through both Samsung's and Google's Message apps.

Support for third-party messaging apps will be added via a software update at an unspecified point in the future. Samsung will also be adding Message Guard to other Galaxy smartphones and tablets over the course of 2023.

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