Samsung Internet Beta 19.0 Is Out the Door With More Privacy Enhancements

And better browsing in Secret Mode

The Samsung Internet beta has hit its 19th iteration and includes some new, improved privacy features.

Samsung Internet, like most other web browsers, has been steadily fortifying against threats to user security and privacy. And it's latest beta 19.0 version follows this trend with better protections against tracking and phishing and more privacy awareness.

Samsung Internet beta 19.0 synced browsing


The 19.0 beta builds onto the anti-tracking capabilities from 18.0 with what Samsung refers to as Enhanced Smart anti-tracking. Supposedly it can detect web domains that are known to work with trackers and quickly step in to protect you.

Lookalike phishing protections have also been stepped-up with better recognition. So if you inadvertently find yourself visiting a very unofficial website that wants you to think it's official, Samsung Internet claims to be more likely to spot the deception and warn you.

Activating add-ons in SamSung Internet 19.0 beta Secret Mode


It's also easier to double-check your protections in the 19.0 beta, thanks to a new Privacy Info feature. To see how you're doing, tap the lock icon in the address bar, and Samsung Internet will give you the rundown. You can quickly see your connection's security and how many trackers have been blocked so far, check cookies, and manually adjust website permissions. Plus, you can finally use add-ons in Secret Mode to maintain the personalized browsing experience you're used to, even when navigating more privately.

Grab the Samsung internet 19.0 beta now on the Google Play or Galaxy Stores as a free download. If you'd rather wait for the non-beta release, Samsung expects it to be ready sometime in the fourth quarter of 2022. Current Samsung Internet browser users will receive a notification when the new version is ready.

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