Samsung Internet 17.0 Beefs up Its Interface & Privacy

And it's available for Android and Samsung devices now

The latest official version of Samsung Internet 17.0 is out, and it includes several improvements to the user interface and privacy and security.

Many changes come with the newest version of Samsung's web browser, with an emphasis on privacy and security. In the press release, Samsung's Head of Web R&D Group at Mobile eXperience Business, Heejin Chung, said, "Samsung Internet 17.0 is the result of years of research that has allowed us to put our most powerful and protected browsing experience yet in the hands of any Galaxy user."

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New interface options are the most immediately noticeable changes, like the ability to manually drag and drop tabs into their custom groups. In-browser searching has also been enhanced with the ability to recognize typos, phonetic matching, and the ability to match searches with bookmarks or saved pages. Translations have also received a boost via five additional languages (Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish, and Vietnamese).

Samsung Internet 17.0 screen shots


Something Samsung refers to as "Smart anti-tracking," which aims to prevent unwanted third-party tracking, has also been included and will be enabled by default for many countries. Typing web addresses with a more secure HTTPS setting is also an option in the newest release. And it supports both on-device and external security keys for things like two-factor authentication.

Samsung Internet 17.0 is available now as a free download for Android and Samsung devices from Google Play and the Galaxy Store.

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