Samsung HT-X810 2.1 Channel Home Theater System - Review

Samsung HT-X810 2.1 Channel Home Theater System - Dual View
Photo (c) Robert Silva

The Bottom Line

The Samsung HT-X810 provides an attractive, compact, self-contained, easy-to-use sound bar-type audio system that can complement a flat panel television and create an intimate home theater viewing and listening experience. The system consists of a main unit that combines a 2.1 channel audio system with an upscaling DVD player.

To make this system more practical, it also comes with a wireless subwoofer. The Subwoofer receives audio signals from the main unit without the need for an unsightly audio cable. The system is very easy to set up and use.


  • Home Theater system features main sound bar unit housing 2.0 channel amplifier, FM Tuner, and single disc DVD player.
  • Wireless 150 Watt Powered Subwoofer - 5.8 GHz band transmission.
  • DVD player provides 1080p upscaling via HDMI output. Component video connection provides 480p output.
  • DVD player compatible with most recordable DVD formats, DVD-Audio Discs, CDs/CD-Rs/-RWs, MP3, WMA, Divx, and Jpeg.
  • Virtual surround sound processing of two-channel, Dolby Digital, and DTS source signals.
  • Bluetooth compatibility (sends audio signals to a compatible Bluetooth headset, or sends audio signals from a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone to the HT-X810)
  • USB host connectivity for still images, as well as video and audio files.
  • Power output: 75x2 WPC for the main unit, 150 watts for a powered subwoofer.
  • The soundbar is wall mountable - Wall mounting bracket provided.
  • The on-screen user interface, wireless remote control provided.


The Samsung HT-X810 delivered good audio performance, keeping in mind that it is a 2.1 channel system, and not a typical 5.1 channel surround sound system. The audio quality was good for both film and music sources. However, since this system is a 2.1 channel system with virtual surround, 5.1 channel source material is not reproduced at its best. The perceived surround sound field is limited to about a couple of feet beyond the physical borders of the main TH-X810 unit. However, for a small room environment, such as a bedroom or office, the total audio experience is perfectly suitable.

The included upscaling DVD player is a nice touch and provides acceptable image quality from DVDs when used in its 1080p upscaling mode with an HDTV. However, digging deeper with the Silicon Optix (IDT/Qualcomm) HQV DVD Benchmark Test Disc, it was obvious that the video processor in the HT-X810 was not up to Samsung's usual standards.

With the Silicon Optix tests, the HT-X810 had trouble with jagged edges, progressive scan stability, film cadence detection, and, to a lesser extent, noise reduction. Check out some of the test results.

If you have a 1080p HDTV and are a stickler for good upscaling performance, you might consider using your TV to upscale your DVD output rather than the HT-X810.

Despite some drawbacks, Samsung deserves "kudos" for an innovative and practical design. The wireless subwoofer makes physical setup very easy and flexible, while the inclusion of a slot-loading design DVD player is a space saver. The side mounted USB port and Auxiliary input adds flexibility for accessing content off of flash drives or digital audio devices. I did not have a Bluetooth device to test that capability.

The HT-X810 is not perfect but provides acceptable performance.


  • Straight forward setup.
  • Non-intrusive slot-loading upscaling DVD player.
  • Wireless Subwoofer and Bluetooth capability reduce cable clutter.
  • Good sound quality from both main sound bar unit and subwoofer.
  • Wall mount bracket included.


  • 2.1 channel Virtual Surround processing not as effective as 5.1 channel surround sound.
  • DVD upscaling quality just average.
  • The remote control has small buttons and is not backlit.
  • No video inputs.
  • No XM/Sirius connection options.

For an additional close-up, visual, look, at the HT-X810, also check out my Photo Gallery.

NOTE: Since the publish date of this review, the HT-X810 has been discontinued by Samsung, and may only be available used via third parties.

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