Samsung Hints at New Galaxy Book Ahead of Livestream Event

Mobile World Conference is on February 27

Samsung is teasing a brand new Galaxy Book laptop ahead of its Mobile World Congress (MWC) event on February 27.

Details are scarce, but according to Samsung, it's working alongside Intel and Microsoft on its new device focusing on three core areas: device consistency, performance, and security. The goal is to provide a "seamless experience" between the new computer and other mobile devices by emphasizing a united network.

Galaxy Book on display

Joan Cros Garcia - Corbis/Getty Images

To achieve consistency, Samsung wants to further integrate its upcoming laptop with its mobile devices and ensure all apps have the same look and feel. The company points to apps like Link to Windows and the One UI Book 4 from last October as examples of this device unity.

Samsung briefly touches upon the laptop's security measure by simply stating it's working alongside Intel and Microsoft to provide a high standard but fails to provide any additional details.

It's confirmed that the new Galaxy Book will be equipped with an Intel chip and have a light, thin form factor, similar to the Galaxy Books that launched in October 2021. If it's any indication, those Galaxy Books had a lightweight design and came installed with Intel's 11th-generation processor plus Windows 11 as its OS

Galaxy MWC Event


Ultimately, people will have to wait until the Mobile World Conference event to learn more about the upcoming Galaxy Book lineup as Samsung isn't providing many details.

Samsung has started 2022 strong with recent announcements at Samsung Unpacked about the upcoming release of the Tab 8 series and the Galaxy S22 line of smartphones.

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