Samsung Galaxy Watch 6: News and Expected Price, Release Date, Specs; and More Rumors

We're hoping it's released this August, but stick around for all the latest rumors and leaks on Samsung's 2023 Galaxy Watch

If the last few years indicate a trend (it probably does), we can expect Samsung to introduce a new smartwatch this year. The company hasn't officially said anything about the Galaxy Watch 6 yet, but the rumors suggest thinner bezels, a faster processor, a marginally bigger battery, and a physical rotating bezel for some models.

When Will the Galaxy Watch 6 Be Released?

Samsung released the Galaxy Watch 4 in August 2021, and the Galaxy Watch 5 in August 2022, so it's no surprise there's already talk about the next-gen version. It's reasonable to believe the 2023 Galaxy Watch will land around the same time this year.

Lifewire's Release Date Estimate

Watch for the Galaxy Watch 6 at Samsung Unpacked 2023, possibly on August 9, followed by its release a week or two later. The previous two watches were announced on the second Wednesday of August, so this might also be how Samsung structures it this year.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Price Rumors

Samsung increased the price of the series 5 watch by about $30 compared to the series 4. The same thing might happen this year, so we could be looking at these prices:

  • Galaxy Watch 6 (40mm): $279
  • Galaxy Watch 6 (44mm): $299
  • Galaxy Watch Pro: $449

If you think you'll need LTE support, you can expect to spend $30 to $50 more for that version.

We'll probably see some accurate price leaks within a few weeks or days of Samsung's announcement, so stay tuned for that.

Pre-Order Information

Pre-ordering will probably start soon after the Samsung Unpacked event that unveils the watch. We'll drop a link here when it becomes available.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Specs & Features

For starters, the watch will no doubt contain all the core features that make it a smartwatch, like an accelerometer, temperature sensor, and BioActive Sensor. There will be wireless charging, Bluetooth, an LTE option, Samsung Pay, and more, and it'll run Wear OS with One UI Watch, so it'll be compatible with Android devices.

We're still quite early in the rumor stage, but here's what else we've been hearing:

  • Thinner bezels: Frequent leaker Ice universe posted screen size details on Twitter. You can see here how the standard version compares to its predecessor: Galaxy Watch 6 (40mm): 1.31" screen size, 432×432 resolution (Watch 5 40mm 1.2" 396×396) / Galaxy Watch 6 (44mm): 1.47" screen size, 480×480 resolution (Watch 5 44mm 1.4" 450×450).
  • Curved display: Again from Ice universe is this rumor that Samsung is returning to the curved glass design as opposed to the existing flat design.
  • Battery boost: The 40mm model might be getting a 300mAh battery (up from the Galaxy Watch 5's 284mAh), and the 44mm model could have a 425mAh battery (compared to last year's 410mAh). A longer-lasting device is always a plus, so we hope to see it.
  • Faster processor: According to SamMobile, this watch will feature the Exynos W980 processor, which will reportedly be more than 10 percent faster than the chipset used in the previous two Galaxy Watch series'.
  • Rotating bezel: If you liked the physical rotating bezel on the Watch 4 Classic, you'll be pleased to hear that it might make a comeback this year. One leak shows the rotating bezel in the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic, but we've also heard that it could be reserved for just the Galaxy Watch Pro 6.
  • Broader compatibility: The 5/4 series watches limit ECG and blood pressure monitoring to Samsung Galaxy users only (you need the Health Monitor app, which only works on those phones). We'd love to see this limitation lifted with the release of the 2023 smartwatch so that non-Galaxy phone users can enjoy those same benefits.
  • Irregular heart rhythm alerts: The Food and Drug Administration has approved a new feature for the Galaxy Watch which will alert the user about irregular heart rhythms. Samsung says that once the feature is turned on in the Samsung Health Monitor app, it'll check for irregular heart rhythms in the background via the watch's BioActive Sensor.

The Latest News About the Galaxy Watch 6

You can get more smart and connected news from Lifewire. Here are some early rumors and other stories about the Galaxy Watch 6:

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