What Is the Samsung Galaxy Watch?

Our review of the Galaxy Watch line

Samsung Galaxy Watch with silver body and black strap in size 46mm
The silver and black 46mm Samsung Galaxy Watch.

Courtesy of Samsung 

The Samsung Galaxy Watch isn't the company's first foray into smartwatches, but it represents a big step forward from its previous offerings. It has a much longer battery life, for one, and is packed with features. Announced in early August of 2018 at the Galaxy Note 9 launch event, the watch includes an array of fitness-related features and optional LTE for phone calls. Here's a look at the first Galaxy Watch. 

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Samsung Galaxy Watch

Black Samsung Galaxy Watch in 42mm size.
The Black Samsung Galaxy Watch in 42mm size.

 Courtesy of Samsung

The Samsung Galaxy Watch boasts up to five days worth of battery life, putting it way ahead of the competition; most smartwatches and fitness bands need charging every day. When you do need to charge it, though, the watch supports wireless charging.

The Galaxy Watch has built-in GPS to track your runs and can recognize as many as 40 different workouts. The fitness features come courtesy of the Samsung Health app, which will remind you to get up and move, and even help slow your heart rate if it detects a sudden increase.

Like other smartwatches, the Galaxy Watch displays notifications, including incoming calls and messages, and also lets you control music playback and other tasks. When your watch is connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth, you can use the watch to answer phone calls and respond to messages.

Major wireless carriers will sell LTE versions of the watch, enabling you to make and answer phone calls from the watch without pairing it with a smartphone. 

With LTE, you'll also be able to send and receive texts, stream music, and receive notifications, even if you leave your phone at home. The LTE versions of the Galaxy Watch are also compatible with Samsung Pay, so you can grab a coffee or snack on your way home from a run, for example. Using LTE will drain the battery faster, though. You can also control smart home devices using the Samsung SmartThings app and receive notifications from compatible devices.

The watch comes in three colors: black, silver body with a black strap, and rose gold. The black and rose gold models come in size 42mm, while the silver and black model comes in size 46mm. The straps for each can be swapped out for third-party straps in sizes 22mm and 24mm, respectively. 

Samsung Galaxy Watch Features

Rose gold Samsung Galaxy Watch in 42mm size.
Rose gold Samsung Galaxy Watch in 42mm size.

Courtesy of Samsung 

  • Extra-Long Battery Life: The 42mm watch can last up to five days, and the larger 46mm model could eke out even more.
  • Smart Home Management: You can use your watch to control compatible devices, such as ​smart appliances and security systems.
  • Advanced Health Features: The watch has not only workout and calorie tracking, but also guided meditation, breathing exercises, and sleep tracking.
  • LTE Option: Versions of the watch with LTE through a wireless carrier enable you to use your watch for phone calls, and leave your actual phone behind when necessary. It can also text and stream music.