Samsung Galaxy Watch 4: Price, Release Date, Specs, News, and Rumors

We could see a bigger watch with a new OS

Samsung’s most recent Galaxy Watch, released in 2020, is rumored to be replaced this year by the Galaxy Watch 4. It will most likely closely resemble the Watch 3 with its circular design and rotating bezel, but some changes we expect are to the OS, overall size, and battery life.

When Will the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Be Released?

Samsung is expected to announce all the details on this smartwatch on August 3, 2021, most likely at Samsung Unpacked, the same event that will introduce devices like the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3.

If not then, it could be earlier, as some rumors suggest that the watch will debut at MWC 2021 on or around June 28.

A leaker, whose message we can't verify, suggests mass production has started as of late May. Seasoned leaker Jon Prosser from is targeting August 11, 2021, as the day the watch begins shipping out.

Lifewire’s Release Date Estimate

The first Galaxy Watch launched in August 2018 and the most recent iteration in the same month two years later. We expect v4’s launch date to coincide with those, so it should arrive in August 2021.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Price Rumors

Estimating a price without official news is just as good as a guess, but one thing we can go off is the Watch 3 which launched at $399. While the Watch 4 could definitely go for more, especially if new features such as blood sugar monitoring is included, we don't think it'll exceed that price point (or if so, not by much).

Since there will probably be two sizes to pick from, the bigger one will follow the current pricing structure at $30 more than the smaller watch.

Pre-Order Information

We’ll know more about when you can pre-order the watch as its release date nears. It'll probably be available for pre-ordering the same day it's announced.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Features

One of the biggest changes said to be coming to the Watch 4 is Wear OS, the same operating system expected in the yet-to-be-released Pixel Watch. All previous Galaxy watches have used Tizen OS, meaning, if true, this would be the first with Google Assistant and Google Pay.

According to that source, it looks like the watch will run a Samsung skin on top of Wear OS. There's a good chance this will happen given recent news of Google and Samsung merging the two operating systems.

Ice Universe's prediction of a 5nm processor would mean the watch could be more powerful and efficient. It isn't clear yet what this actually means in terms of usability, but some obvious benefits are better battery life and smoother functionality.

We might also see blood sugar monitoring. This comes from an early 2021 report from Korea IT News which states:

The technology utilizes an optical sensor and detects blood glucose level without having to draw blood and it is expected to make a great contribution in assisting those with diabetes and normal people with managing their health.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Specs and Hardware

While the new watch will most likely shadow the design of the current version, the size options will presumably be different. Rumors are suggesting 42mm and a 46mm, a small bump from the current watch's 41mm and 45mm options.

The smaller model might include the same capacity battery as well, at 247mAh, though some rumors (and an FCC listing) are suggesting 240mAh. The bigger watch could also remain unchanged in terms of capacity, but according to The Elec, it will come with a 350mAh battery as opposed to 340mAh. According to that source, Amperex Technology Limited is supplying the battery for the smaller version and Samsung SDI is being used for the bigger model.

An FCC listing for a device numbered SM-R885, likely the LTE version of the watch, mentions wireless charging and "audio playback from internal memory data". This seems to point to internal storage for music.

More rumors and leaks are bound to come, so be sure to bookmark this page for all the latest updates!

The Latest News About the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

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