Samsung Galaxy S22: News, Price, Release Date, Specs, and Rumors

Leaked photos show a built-in S Pen slot

Samsung Galaxy S22 render
Samsung Galaxy S22 render.

LetsGoDigital / Technizo Concept

The S22 (Rainbow) series, expected to arrive in 2022, will be the next addition to the Samsung Galaxy S line of smartphones. If you can believe it, all angles of the S22 Ultra have already leaked, so we've got a pretty good idea of how it will look and function.

When Will the Samsung Galaxy S22 Be Released?

The Samsung Galaxy S21 arrived in January 2021, so waiting a full year for the Galaxy S22 is expected. This timeline is confirmed by Samsung:

There will most likely be three versions of this phone: S22 Ultra, S22+ (or Pro), and the base/standard model, with the following code names: Rainbow B Zero (B0), Rainbow G Zero (G0), and Rainbow R Zero (R0).

There was a rumor that the S22 Ultra would be called the S22 Note, given that the Note 21 never came out. The 2022 Ultra was expected to resemble what the Note would have been. But this was recently dispelled after LetsGoDigital uncovered official press images (they then removed them).

Lifewire’s Release Date Estimate

The Samsung Unpacked event that unveils the Galaxy S22 will be held in February. The current rumor is that the event will occur on February 8, with availability starting February 24 or 25.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Price Rumors

The Galaxy S22 could resemble the S21's. For reference, the S21 launched at $799 for the base model, a couple hundred dollars lower than the S20. The priciest 2021 model is the 512 GB S21 Ultra for $1379.99.

Galaxy S21 Prices
  128 GB 256 GB 512 GB
S21 $799.99 $849.99
S21+ $999.99 $1049.99  
S21 Ultra $1199.99 $1249.99 $1379.99

However, those numbers go up if these leaked European prices for the S22 are accurate:

Galaxy S22 Prices (Rumored)
  128 GB 256 GB 512 GB
S22 $959 $1016
S22+ $1185 $1242  
S22 Ultra $1412 $1525 $1638

Pre-Order Information

There's a good chance the S22 will be available for pre-ordering starting either the same day as Samsung's event or the day after. We'll provide the Galaxy S22 pre-order link here once we get our hands on it.

Some precise timing is provided by avid leaker Jon Prosser:

Samsung Galaxy S22 Features

We'll have all the key features listed here once we know more than just surface-level details leaks can provide.

So far, the most significant new feature said to be coming to the S22 is S Pen support. This support isn't new for a Samsung phone since the Galaxy Note lineup is known for stylus support. It's the phone's dedicated S Pen slot (see below) that makes this revelation exciting.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 will also come with 5G connectivity, just like the S21 lineup. Lots of existing phones only support 4G networks, but with 5G networks expanding all over the globe, it's no surprise that modern phones have the specs to use them.

Samsung Galaxy S22 renders
Samsung Galaxy S22 renders.

LetsGoDigital / Technizo Concept

Android 12 has been out since October 2021, so it will be preloaded on the Galaxy S22 at launch.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Specs and Hardware

Most of the leaks available at this time are from, which obtained several "real-life photos" of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. We can't confirm whether they're real, but we have no reason to doubt their authenticity, given FPT's solid track record of acquiring details early like this.

The S21 supports the S Pen, and the S21 Ultra will. But this time, it'll be full support, meaning that there will be an S Pen slot. You can see it illustrated here, including other physical differences between the Galaxy S22 Ultra and the other two versions:

For reference, here's a comparison of the size of the S22 lineup (according to that source) and the S21 phones:

S22 vs S21 Dimensions
  Width Thickness Height
S21 71.2mm 7.9mm 151.7mm
S22 70.56mm 9.15mm 145.98mm
S21+ 75.6mm 7.8mm 161.5mm
S22+ 75.83mm 9.15mm 157.43mm
S21 Ultra 75.6mm 8.9mm 165.1mm
S22 Ultra 77.87mm 10.55mm 163.29mm

There are also photos of the cameras. Current sources say that the S22 and S22 Plus will feature a 50MP primary camera, and the S22 Ultra will have a 40MP selfie camera with a quad-camera setup featuring optical image stabilization for all cameras:

  • 108MP main camera
  • 12MP ultra-wide
  • 10MP 3X telephoto
  • 10MP 10X telephoto
Alleged Galaxy S22 Ultra with S Pen
Alleged Galaxy S22 Ultra with S Pen.

Alleged Galaxy S22 Ultra camera setup
Alleged Galaxy S22 Ultra camera setup.

The S22 will pack a 5000 mAh battery, assuming leaker Ice universe's prediction is correct. They say the 45-watt fast-charging capability will juice the phone up to 70% charged in 35 minutes. A charger will most likely not be included with the phone.

LetsGoDigital reports that every Samsung S22 model will come with a Qualcomm Snapdragon SoC. The company usually uses different chipsets for US models compared to European models (Qualcomm Snapdragon SoC vs. Exynos 2200). According to that source, all models, regardless of region, will presumably use the same chipset, likely the Snapdragon 898.

However, a later report contradicts this. Android Police writer and serial leaker Max Weinbach says that Exynos 2200 devices will be used in Galaxy S22 phones sold in Europe and Korea.

Samsung's Galaxy S22 Ultra will most likely have a 6.8-inch (same as the S21 Ultra) curved AMOLED display, with an adaptive 120Hz refresh rate. You can see just how small the bezels of the Galaxy S22 will be in these photos if that leak turns out accurate.

We expect the same capacity options for this phone as offered by the S21: 128 GB and 256 GB, and the addition of 512 GB for the S22 Ultra. The regular and plus models will have 8 GB of RAM, and the Ultra models will have a 12 GB option.

Until Samsung reveals the phone for real, Technizo Concept has a nice illustration of the Galaxy S22 Ultra, based on current rumors, and these dummy units are the closest thing we have to a real video:

The squared, Note-style design of the largest S22 we've seen in leaks and those dummy units is backed by these images of screen protectors for the upcoming phones, revealed by Ice universe. Below are some more recent renders and case images. You can see four lenses, a flash, and a laser autofocus sensor.

As stated by leaker Snoopy, Pink Gold, Green, Black, and White are supposedly the color options for the S22 and S22+, while Dark Red, Black, and White are the S22 Ultra options. However, LetsGoDigital details these five color options: completely white, green, red, black, and pink/purple.

All three phones are presumed to have an all-glass body.

The Latest News About the Galaxy S22

You can get more smartphone news from Lifewire; here are other related stories and some rumors we've found about the Samsung Galaxy S22 specifically:

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