Samsung’s Galaxy S20 Lineup Leaks Ahead of Launch

It’s getting hard to keep a smartphone secret

What: Samsung’s next big mobile phone launch happens next month, but the Internet is already overflowing with possible leaks about three new Galaxy S20 5G phones. They’re all big and have maximum photographic power.

How: The leaks come from filched spec sheets. There is no telling if any of them are entirely accurate.

Why Do You Care: Often, these leaks are close to on-the-money. If you’re thinking about upgrading to a new Android smartphone, this intel could be very valuable.

Samsung sent out invites to a February 11 event, one that should feature new Galaxy Phones.  Samsung

Samsung is currently the number one selling smartphone brand in the world and it plans to extend that domination with a collection of new devices, which it will unveil next month in San Francisco. In the meantime, the leaky cauldron known as the Internet may have already revealed virtually all the spec details on the possible trio of new Samsung Galaxy S20 smartphones.

According to a report in 9to5Google, a shockingly complete spec sheet slipped online earlier this week. It describes three devices ranging in size from 6.2 inches all the way up to a monumental 6.9-inch smartphone. Galaxy phones are usually borderless and have a rather narrow aspect ratio (20:9 in this case), which makes these big screens feel a bit smaller in the hand. In addition, the phones may feature a center-screen drilled-through front-facing camera hole (the Galaxy Note 10 had a similar hole). Previous rumors have pointed to under-the-screen fingerprint readers and no more 3.5mm headphone jack.

However, it’s the cameras that really have us intrigued. If these leaks are accurate, the front camera on the S20 Ultra could have a 40MP sensor. We’re guessing though that the camera’s default state will be to take four pixels and create 10 MP high-quality HDR+ images.

The rear cameras (which, including a time of flight [ToF] distance sensor, could number up to six) will feature 64 MP and 48 MP sensors and the ability to optically zoom up to 10X. The phone may also use a grouping of rear cameras to produce 100X digital zoom images. If this is accurate, we cannot wait to see those.

Also of note is the 5000 mAh battery on the 6.9-inch phone. Of course, you might need that much juice with 5G and an almost 7-inch display.

Remember, the leaked spec sheet could be off or out of date. Samsung could also decide to drop some specs or at least not enable them out of the gate. In other words, all of this is to be taken with a grain of salt, until February, that is.

Via: 9to5Google