Samsung Galaxy S10 Phones Getting S20 Features

Samsung is delivering a big camera app update to existing S10 smartphones

Why This Matters:

In an era when people base their smartphone upgrades on the availability of new features, getting more tools on existing devices for free is a big deal. This update potentially affects millions of smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphones
Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

Your Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone is getting some new camera capabilities, ones that the Galaxy S20 shipped with last month. Samsung announced the free software update is arriving for select markets, including the U.S.

Fun and more: Among the features the software update adds are the S20 series' Single Shot mode, which uses all the device's cameras (save the selfie camera) to capture a variety of photos and videos of a single scene. Other updates include:

  • Pro Video mode: which gives you detailed video settings control (aperture, shutter speed)
  • Custom Filters: for creating and saving your own filters
  • Intelligent Gallery: which brings AI to the phone’s proprietary photo and video gallery app

Not just photos: Samsung is also bringing Quick Share for photos and Music Share for music to S10 phones. Quick Share is essentially the same as Apple’s popular AirDrop feature. It uses Bluetooth and your contacts to let you instantly share photos, videos, and even files to people nearby you.

More value coming soon: Even though Samsung unveiled its Galaxy S20 lineup in February, the company is still selling a robust line of S10 devices. A Samsung representative told Lifewire, “We are committed to providing the best mobile experience for Galaxy users by bringing together cutting-edge hardware with simple, easy-to-use software.” Samsung added that the update is coming to the U.S. and other “select markets in the coming weeks.”

Bottom Line: If you own a Samsung Galaxy S10 device, it’s about to get a technical shot in the arm and instantly become a more up-to-date and versatile device.

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