What is the Samsung Galaxy Fit?

This fitness tracker is easy on the wallet

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In 2019, Samsung announced the release of a pair of new fitness trackers called the Samsung Galaxy Fit and the Samsung Galaxy Fit E. These fitness trackers take the form of more well known fitness tracking bands, and are more affordable than the Samsung Galaxy Active Smart Watch. They are also slimmer, lighter, and more accessible to most people than many competing models.

What Is Galaxy Fit?

Both the Galaxy Fit and Galaxy Fit E are designed to automatically track activities, including walking, running, rowing, biking, and elliptical exercises. Users can track up to 90 additional types of activities when they connect the Galaxy Fit to the Samsung Health app. However, those activities will need to be started manually from the app.

Both Samsung wearables also have heart rate monitors, but only the Samsung Fit tracks your heart rate 24/7. The Samsung Fit E does not have constant heart rate tracking, but both models have stress and sleep tracking features. The Fit E, which is the lower-end fitness tracker, has slightly less overall functionality than the Samsung Fit.

The Samsung Fit retails for around $80, while the the Samsung Fit E can be found for less than $50.

Both devices have Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to receive notifications from your Samsung smartphone. However, there are no music capabilities on either device, which means you may be disappointed if you're looking for something to tracks your activities while playing a workout playlist.

Also notably missing from the Samsung Fit line is GPS capabilities. The Samsung Fit may make up for this with its full color, AMOLED touchscreen, but the Fit E only features a black and white screen. Both devices will have capabilities to add at least some basic widgets for alarms, calendars, and weather.

Samsung Galaxy Fit Specifications

The Samsung Fit and Samsung Fit E fitness bands.

In addition to the specifications below, the Samsung Galaxy Fit has a left-side button for controls. The Galaxy Fit E has no such button, so users will control all functions through the touchscreen. The Fit is available in black, white, and silver. The Fit E is available in black, white, and yellow.

Feature Galaxy Fit Galaxy Fit E
Display 0.95 inch, 282 Pixels Per Inch, Full Color AMOLED 0.74 inch, 193 Pixels Per Inch, Black & White
Memory 512KB internal RAM, 2048KB external RAM
32MB external ROM
128KB internal RAM
4MB external ROM
Processor MCU Cortex M33F 96MHz + M0 16MHz MCU Cortex M0 96MHz
Bluetooth Yes Yes
Heart Rate Sensor Yes - 24/7 Yes - Not 24/7
Accelerometer Yes Yes
Gyroscope Yes No
Battery 120mAh 70mAh
Wireless Charging Yes No
Water Resistant Yes to 50 Meters Yes to 50 Meters
Software Realtime OS Realtime OS
Dimensions 18.3 x 44.6 x 11.2mm 16 x 40.2 x 10.9mm
Weight 24g 15g
Compatibility Samsung Galaxy, Android 5.0 or above with more than 1.5GB RAM

iPhone 5 and above, iOS 9.0 or above
Samsung Galaxy, Android 5.0 or above with more than 1.5GB RAM

​iPhone 5 and above, iOS 9.0 or above
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