Samsung Fitness Tracker Rumors: This One Looks Good!

Leaked Images Show a Modular Device Reminiscent of the Gear S2

Tizen Cafe

Samsung has released a dizzying (and confusingly similar named) array of smartwatches and fitness trackers over the last few years, but only its more recent Gear S2 has seemed to resonate with consumers. 

If early leaks are to be trusted, the company's next fitness tracker will be a hit just like the Gear S2 smartwatch. As reported on Twitter by Tizen Cafe, the so-called "SM-R150" (that won't be the final product name — don't worry) looks to include a modular sensor that can be worn either watch-style on your wrist with a band or on an item of clothing with a clip. 

This (hopefully soon-to-be-announced) product sports some of the same design elements as the Samsung Gear S2, including a round display, the fact that images show it separated from the strap indicates that this is a different type of gadget. And the ability to wear this sensor on your clothing definitely lends weight to the idea that it's a fitness tracker.

Notably, based on the photos tweeted by Tizen Cafe, the SM-R150 device coming soon from Samsung takes a similar approach to Misfit's lineup of activity trackers. The Misfit Shine, Misfit Shine 2, Misfit Flash and the most recently announced Misfit Ray all feature a main sensor component that can be worn in a watch-style wristband form factor, with a clip or even in a necklace. It seems that companies are recognizing the appeal of making these activity-tracking devices customizable for consumers — and given that most of them aren't exactly known for being fashion statements, this definitely makes sense.

Samsung Gets Serious About Wearables in 2016

While we'll likely have to wait until Mobile World Congress, a European trade show in late February. for official information about this device, for now, it's safe to say that this activity tracker fits in with Samsung's earlier announcement ahead of CES. Back in late December 2015, the Korean company teased a new Bio-Processor, a chip that can monitor a variety of activity-related metrics. In fact, Samsung even said that it would be releasing devices that incorporate the Bio-Processor in the first half of 2016, so there's a very good chance that this SM-R150 will be one of them.

Another Tizen Wearable?

Due to the fact that this gadget was reported on by a tech outlet called Tizen Cafe — not to mention the photos, which show a device that looks quite a lot like the Tizen-powered Samsung Gear S2 — it's reasonable to wonder whether this upcoming fitness tracker might be a Tizen-running gadget as well. 

Tizen, for the record, is an open-source software platform that Samsung has been involved with for several years. As a mobile operating system on phones, Tizen has seen limited success; Android and iOS are kings, after all. That said, Samsung has used this software on its Gear S2 smartwatch in addition to some smartphones, and even though it doesn't offer the same level of integration with Google as Wear OS (formerly Android Wear), that smartwatch still managed to receive pretty strong reviews. 

It's also unclear whether this upcoming device will be strictly limited to fitness tracking or will be more of a sporty style smartwatch complete with activity monitoring capabilities. If it's more fitness-focused, there could be a stronger argument for going with Tizen software, since users won't expect as many apps and as much smartphone-like functionality. As always, though, we'll just have to wait and see!