Samsung Family Hub: How It Manages Your Home From the Kitchen

Your family's at the fridge anyway, might as well keep 'em in the loop

Samsung Family Hub 3.0 is the backbone of what turns their excellent fridge into something more. Instead of a fridge that only holds your food, you can leave memos, get weather updates, and more on the 21-inch touch screen that connects you to the important things in your life.

What is Samsung Family Hub?

Samsung is betting that the center of every family is the kitchen. After all, it's where you wander through to grab something to eat during the day, right? The added 21-inch touchscreen display to the right door of the fridge gives you a method to stay in touch with everyone and everything going on in your life.

Samsung Family Hub app collection


The Family Hub is the touchscreen and everything it can do. While the ability to use a touchscreen and have access to apps has been available in earlier models of Samsung smart fridges, Family Hub 3.0 added full Bixby voice integration.

The Family Hub lets you access entertainment like music apps, leave memos for family members, access Samsung SmartThings located in your home, and look inside the fridge without physically opening it.

Does It Have Access to Apps?

Since Samsung's smart fridge runs on Tizen OS, it has access to all sorts of things you never thought that your fridge would take advantage of. With Tizen, there are dozens of apps that you can opt in to. This includes turning on Bixby, accessing Pandora, leaving memos on the fridge, and more.

It also means that once you connect your fridge to the Wi-Fi network in your home, you get access to new apps as they become available. There's no way of knowing what might pop up as available since it depends on what the developers are doing with Tizen.

What Are the Features on a Samsung Family Hub Smart Fridge?

The Samsung smart fridge is practically overflowing with features. Not all of them live solely on the fridge, either. Here are the many things that this fridge can do. This list still doesn't cover everything because Samsung has gone out of their way to think of anything you'd want a fridge to do. However, it is a good primer on what you'll get if you invest in this smart fridge.

  • Cameras: The Samsung smart fridge includes three cameras on the inside of the fridge. Using the touchscreen, Bixby, or the SmartThings app, you can look inside the fridge to see what food you have in there.
  • Food management: The most important aspect of a fridge is the food inside it. You can order groceries through a delivery service, plan meals based on what food you have in stock, use Bixby to add groceries to your shopping list, and enable automatic expiration dates that let you know when something goes bad. You can also order from GrubHub if you don't have what you need but have to feed the family right away.
  • Stay connected: Family Hub helps keep your family more connected to one another than ever before. You can personalize the widgets that always appear on the touchscreen, sync everyone's calendar, leave memos and notes for one another, remotely send photos, and plenty more, depending on what you need from Family Hub.
  • Entertain yourself: Cooking and spending time in the kitchen takes time, but it doesn't have to be boring. Use Family Hub to listen to Pandora or iHeartRadio, see what's going on in the rest of the house using the SmartThings app, and watch TV using your Samsung phone to mirror screens.
  • Even more features: Aside from the connected features, the Samsung smart fridge does more stuff. You can readjust the shelves for different sized items, take advantage of a wine rack in the fridge with specific temperature controls, and turn the whole fridge into a freezer with the touch of a button. Considering the 28 cubic feet of space this gigantic fridge has, it's nothing to scoff at.

One Size Does Not Fit All

Not every fridge will work for every person, and Samsung knew that when they delivered three models of the Samsung smart fridge. Each model has perks. All three models come with Family Hub 3.0 and everything it has to offer to elevate your kitchen from a room to the center of your family.

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