Samsung Expands QD-OLED Series of TVs With New Budget Lineup

The 55-inch starts at $1,900, and it's a little bulkier

Samsung is expanding its Quantum Dot OLED line of smart TVs with a new model that slightly decreases the sticker shock associated with this technology. 

The Samsung QD-OLED S90C boasts an OLED panel outfitted with the company’s proprietary Quantum Dot technology, translating to brightness levels of up to 2,000 nits. You get a refresh rate of 144Hz, built-in cloud gaming, and screen sizes up to 77 inches. The most notable feature here, however, is likely the price. 

Samsung S90C OLED


This TV starts at $1,900 for the 55-inch model, a $300 decrease from last year’s similarly-sized Samsung QD-OLED display. As a matter of fact, the reduction in cost puts this model in direct competition with equivalent offerings by LG and other companies. 

There is also a 77-inch model available for $3,600, a $900 decrease from last year’s release. Oddly, Samsung has not yet released a 65-inch version but says it is coming in the near future. 

Samsung OLED


Though this is an advanced TV with a robust feature set, there were some sacrifices made to keep the cost down. You don’t get the external connection box common with recent Samsung TVs, and this model does not get quite as flush to the wall as its more expensive cousins. 

Otherwise, you still get a dynamic QD-OLED image, AI-enhanced HDR mapping, Dolby Atmos audio, easy syncing with Samsung soundbars, and much more. The S90C is available for purchase right now directly from Samsung or from various big-box retailers.

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