Samsung Expanding Gaming Hub to Include More Games and Greater Access

GeForce NOW-supported 4K streaming is on the way, too

Samsung is expanding its Gaming Hub with more streaming libraries, support for some 2021 Smart TV models, and a context-specific 4K display option.

Streaming video games through Samsung Smart TVs may have only kicked off this past summer, but the service is already growing. Soon you'll have access to even more libraries of games to stream, along with 4K resolutions (contingent). And some 2021 model Samsung Smart TV owners will finally be able to get in on the fun.

Psychonauts 2 streaming


The most significant addition is the two game libraries the Gaming Hub will absorb: Antstream Arcade and Blacknut. Antstream Arcade focuses on older titles from the 80s through the early 00s (think games like Pac-Man and Metal Slug) and offers weekly multiplayer tournaments to boot.

Blacknut claims a library that "focuses on Core and Casual family members" and includes a variety of games from indie to AAA classics.

Less substantial, but possibly more impactful, is the news that Samsung's Gaming Hub won't only be available for the company's 2022 Smart TVs. While specific models haven't been mentioned yet, Samsung does plan to add Gaming Hub support for a number of its 2021 TVs—thus opening the service up for more potential players.

Samsung Gaming Hub dashboard


Samsung's Gaming Hub is also making 4K available through NVDIA's GeForce NOW, offering up to 4K resolution and up to 60 frames per second while streaming. To access these options, you'll have to be a GeForce NOW premium member.

Gaming Hub support for select 2021 Samsung TV models should finish rolling out by the end of this year. 4K streaming on GeForce NOW will be ready "in a few weeks," specifically for premium members using 2022 Samsung Smart TV models (and some 2021 models). You can also plan to see Antstream and Blacknut streaming libraries added to the roster sometime in 2023.

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